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It is most likely true that almost everyone in America has at some point purchased something that’s stopped working or broken in a matter of a few days. The best way to gain a prospective customer’s confidence that they’ve made a good decision with a purchase is to have strong, quality testimonials from other satisfied customers.

Having some good testimonials from customers who have been satisfied with your product will surely increase sales and boost confidence. For example, you wouldn’t hire a contractor to work on your house without references, right? So be sure get testimonials from happy customers and be proud of your work.

Good Testimonials Can Be Made Better

Testimonials are a great traditional and internet marketing tool, so make sure they are geared towards making your company and product look exceptional. Ask customers who are willing to give you a testimonial to be specific. For example, instead of saying “I love taking their vitamins”, have them say “I love taking these vitamins everyday because they give me a lot of energy and keep me feeling great all day long”. The wording of the latter testimonial is much more specific and effective in gaining a customer’s confidence in that product.

How to Get Some Great Testimonials

If you don’t have any testimonials from customers, there are a few ways you may be able to get them. For example, check and see if any customers have made compliments about your product either through email or phone calls. If you can’t find any, then search through your client list to find out who is buying your products most frequently and select a few to email or call. They may be willing to give a testimonial of your product and in turn that would give any future customers more confidence when making the decision to buy.

Having some testimonials would not only improve your business, but it will improve your company’s image and give new customers confidence in knowing that past customers have been extremely satisfied.

Four Tips For Effective Location Placement

1. Now that you have your testimonials, you need to find the best place on your website to place them. Placement is crucial, especially if you’re using flash. The most common and best way to do this is to place a navigation button titled either “Testimonials” or “Customer Reviews” on your homepage so that it is easily seen and people can click on them to view the testimonials on their own page.

2. A second option is to place flash testimonials on a sidebar on the homepage which includes the customer’s name, company or logo and job title. However, you don’t want them to be too distracting to viewers and take the emphasis off the content of what you’re selling or offering. So be sure to rotate the testimonials on the masthead every 7-10 seconds and then have them stop after all have been shown. This way, you are allowing customers to see that there are testimonials without taking focus off the content.

3. Another option is to present testimonials by sprinkling them at different locations on the website. You can highlight them throughout the content by using color block backgrounds, an upper and lower bar, or other visuals which can be a very effective selling point for your product or service. Having these visual stops also reinforces your credibility.

4. Finally, another great tool is to have audio or video testimonials. It’s easy to record audio however video may be more complicated. It requires more thought as to the positioning and angles so you may want to plan ahead to record customers if you are at a trade show or with a client. These can be very effective in boosting your company’s credibility.

In order to have effective testimonials, remember to make sure they are specific, believable and placed in a credible location on your website. If you keep these three simple tips in mind, you can be sure that your testimonials will build customer confidence and give your company great success.

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