5 Words to Avoid in Your Sales Speech and Website Content

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As the internet marketing industry continues to grow competitively, it’s important to pursue additional ways to stay in front of your clients and customers. It’s also important to keep your verbiage and wording fresh to avoid sounding redundant. Repetitive vocabulary and the use of the same word obsessively, especially around like-minded people or clients will hinder communication effectiveness, possibly resulting in fewer customers.
Internet Marketing Words to Avoid

Here are 5 words to avoid in internet marketing:

  • Customer-Focused Of course you’re customer focused! Why else would you be in business? Give your customers examples of how you are customer-focused and how you compare to other companies in your field. Knowing your client’s needs and telling them how your company can specifically address them is important, especially in proving you are indeed customer-focused.
  • Unique Saying you’re unique and actually being unique are two different things. Similar to “customer-focused”, show your customer that you are unique by giving concrete examples. What about your business is better than your competitors? If you don’t know, how will others know?
  • Exceed Expectations If you’re going to tell clients that you will exceed their expectations, tell them how you are going to do it. Explain what you are going to do and how often it will be done. If you can do this, then your customer will almost always be happy, effectively exceeding their expectations.
  • Seasoned Saying you’re a seasoned professional or company is just a fancy way of saying you’re experienced or qualified. Instead show your customer how your knowledge has allowed you to complete high-quality projects resulting in you and your company becoming a leader in your industry. Showcase your talent, don’t just talk about it.
  • Best In Class If you’re going to say you are the “best” at least have something to show for it. Talk about different accomplishments and awards your company has earned throughout its history. It’s important to show how you’re the best, not just say you’re the best.
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