Greenville Internet Marketing Agency

We are a full service internet marketing agency specializing in organic SEO / search engine optimization, PPC / pay-per-click advertising for Google, Bing, and social channels.

TheeDigital is a full-service internet marketing agency that works with small businesses, non-profits, and large companies, developing strategies designed to improve visibility, increase sales and conversions, and elevate online reputations. Our specializations include, but aren’t limited to search engine optimization, paid search marketing, social media, and email marketing for organizations in Greenville and surrounding areas.

We’re a results-driven company with a team of internet marketing experts who are passionate about what we do. We use every tool available to improve the quality and quantity of your leads and nurture prospects through every stage of the customer life cycle to generate more sales. Our services include the most innovative marketing techniques, that, when implemented by our experienced team, can transform your organization and establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

Search Engine Optimization in Greenville

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business online. Our specially trained marketing professionals will do a deep-dive into your website, identifying your keywords, targeting technical opportunities to optimize your site, and even rewriting content to launch your website to the top of search engine results for your industry and location.

PPC / Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC allows for you to make sure you end up at the top of search engine results pages when customers are directly searching for your products or services. This way, you will always be at the top for the given keywords, regardless of who your competition is and how well their site normally ranks.

Google Penalty Recovery

If you’re struggling to be found on Google, you may be under a penalty for inadvertently violating Webmaster Guidelines. This not only damages your online reputation along, it can negatively affect your search engine rankings. No matter what the issue is – identical pages, excessive keywords (known as “keyword stuffing”) or identical content to another site – we’ll restore your site to abiding by Google’s guidelines, improve your content, and reestablish your standing in search engine rankings.

HubSpot Management: Email Marketing and Newsletter Automation

One of the most effective methods of internet marketing in Greenville is email marketing. Newsletters are a great way to inform your audience of sales, new products, and other exciting information, but if they’re not done correctly, they fall flat. We know how to craft subject lines that lead to high open rates and follow it with exciting, attention-grabbing copy that draws high conversion rates.

Plus, we use marketing automation to send trigger-specific emails, such as when a customer abandons their cart, request a customer review a few days after receiving an order, or other methods to increase touch points with your customer. We also segment your email subscribers, nurturing them through every step of the customer life cycle to improve engagement and shift them from subscribers to loyal customers.

Website Content Marketing & Copywriting

Website and marketing content should serve two purposes. First, it should be relevant, well-written, and well-maintained in order to improve your search engine results. More importantly, it should offer value to your visitors and followers, whether to inform, engage, lead them to an action, or even to entertain.  Our professional copywriting and content marketing services ensure that your website is updated regularly with fresh, relevant content that elevates your website and improves your standing as a leader and expert in the industry.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best ways to communicate with clients and draw them to your website. Our internet marketing gurus have great social media skills and can update your presence on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more.

Online Reputation Restoration

Outdated information, negative reviews, and bad PR may be hurting your business and turning away prospective clients when they see this information in search engines. Multiple addresses, phone numbers, and company names can make it confusing for both web crawlers and potential customers, but we can clean up your internet listings so that each one features correct and current information. With our online reputation management, we will also combat negative PR and bad reviews with prompt, ethical methods designed to repair your reputation.