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We are an SEO agency providing organic search engine optimization services in the Greenville area of North Carolina.

TheeDigital is an SEO agency in North Carolina, serving Greenville and surrounding areas, including Washington, Piney Green, and Smithfield.

Anybody can benefit from quality SEO services, and here at TheeDigital, search engine optimization is our specialty.

At TheeDigital, we pride ourselves in creating brand new, keyword-rich, and search engine ready web content.With these services, your website will rank high in search results for a variety of search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. A healthy web presence is important to the success of your website, and we know how to take you there.

How Does SEO Work?

Google and other search engines have precise algorithms that crawl through websites, scoring them on over 200 separate factors, from keyword usage and relevancy to site speed and organization. Google weighs each factor differently. Keyword usage, site structure, and mobile optimization are a higher priority than, for example, image descriptions. The algorithms score websites so when someone searches a specific keyword, the most relevant, optimized page comes up first, followed by the second-highest score for that keyword, and so forth. One factor that often goes ignored is the need for fresh, updated content. Google, and other search engines, seek new content on websites, which is where blogging and adding new pages can ensure a business maintains its top rank.

Greenville SEO Is Very Important

Most buyers go to online first to find information about the products and services they want to purchase. There are more mobile users now than ever before and search engines are the number one starting point for mobile web users. Mobile web browsing is expected to exceed computer web browsing in the next two years.

The Yellow Pages, local newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and other “traditional” marketing tactics are phasing out with today’s Internet-savvy and mobile users. If your business is not online and your website is not at the top of search engine listings for your most important keywords then you are probably missing out on quality leads and, more importantly, sales.

Why is Greenville SEO Important?

So why is effective SEO so important? Does it really affect me all that much? If you’ve got a site that you want to rank high in search results, SEO is everything.

Let’s say you’re planning on taking your family out to dinner in downtown Greenville. Naturally, to find a place to eat, you conduct a web search, probably by typing in keywords similar to the following: “restaurants in Greenville NC.” The websites that have been optimized by a Greenville SEO agency likes TheeDigital will rank higher and you are more likely to click on their website and end up at one of their tables. It is important that your site perform well amongst the search engines, otherwise people will never find you.

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Rather than sift through the phone book and other paper directories, people are turning to the internet now more than ever. It’s so easy to type a few words into your web browser and have a plethora of results come up on screen before you. It offers users variety but too much can be overwhelming. This is why you must ensure that your site ranks, otherwise you will get skipped over.