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FNB Tower

Modern Custom Web Design for a Construction Company

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F.N.B. Tower, a new high-rise building in downtown Raleigh, will be the new regional headquarters for First National Bank.

In addition to First National Bank, the skyscraper will have seven floors of office space, over 200 luxury apartments, and more than 5,000 square feet of retail space. The metal and glass building will be a sleek addition to the Raleigh skyline.

Dominion Realty Partners, the real estate company overseeing construction of F.N.B. Tower, needed a clean, modern website to showcase this modern building.

The F.N.B. Tower website won a 2019 Gold Horizon Interactive Award.

FNB Tower Website BEFORE image
Custom Web Design for a Construction Company


Dominion Realty Partners did not feel that the F.N.B. Tower website accurately represented the modern luxury of the building itself. They did not feel that the design, layout, or content showcased the property features and benefits of living/working in downtown Raleigh.

Another concern for Dominion Realty Partners was the ease of updating the F.N.B. Tower site. The ability to update the site easily was especially important for them so they could update the website as the building progressed and was completed.


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Custom WordPress Site for a Construction Company
Business Class Hosting for a Construction Company
Custom Wordpress Features for Construction Company
WordPress Development for Large Construction Firm
Mobile Friendly Web Design for Construction Industry
Custom Web Design for a Construction Company
FNB Tower - Website Design

Custom WordPress Website

The F.N.B. Tower website is a one-page brochure site built on the WordPress platform. The Dominion Realty Partner team can easily update content, images, and property information on their site now, making it easier for them to manage.

The website uses modern web design trends, like video, microanimations, flat design, and white space, to guide the user and improve UX.

Thumb-Friendly mobile design for Construction Industry

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

As Raleigh skyline changes, adapts and evolves, so should a website. The ability to properly display across all browsers and devices is also imperative. Since so much of our lives is managed by portable devices, a large chunk of the FNB Tower audience comes from mobile. Large and easy-to-click buttons and links are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to TheeDigital’s approach to responsive design. With a very tech savvy audience, a site’s functionality has to navigable with the easy flick of a thumb. The FNB Tower site not only accomplishes this, the entire site can be easily viewed by scrolling.

Thee Digital | Using video to make an impression

Using Video to Make an Impression

When visitors first arrive on the website, the first thing they see is a full-width, high-definition video of downtown Raleigh and renderings of the tower’s interior and exterior.

This impactful imagery makes a great first impression with users, showcasing the buildings modern aesthetic while keeping them engaged at first-glance.

TheeDigital | Designing for User Experience

Designing for User Experience

Because user experience is important to Dominion Realty Partners, we used micro-animations to give users visual cues as they scroll through the website.

For instance, as visitors navigate the website, the section they are reading is highlighted in the left menu. This subtle animation is a small but powerful design element that bolsters user experience.

FNB Tower - Horizon Interactive Award Winner

Award-Winning Web Design

The F.N.B. Tower website won a Gold 2019 Horizon Interactive Award.

The Horizon Interactive Awards is a global competition that recognizes, promotes, and awards the best in website design, online advertising, and mobile application.

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