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WordPress Development Rescue

Our rescue solutions can recover a WordPress website from security problems, poor coding, or an incomplete build.

Get Your WordPress Website Back on Track

Get Your WordPress Website
Back on Track!

From generating leads to storing client data, your website is crucial to your business operations. A sluggish, broken website turns away visitors, ranks poorly in search engines, and is frustrating to work on and not having one at all is simply not an option for your business.

If your current WordPress website is not functioning as it should or your new site is stuck in development, our WordPress rescue, repair, and remediation solutions will solve the issue. Often, our team can clean up your existing website to have it running as it should, or we can migrate content and data to a newly built site that is secure, properly updated, and provides an excellent user experience.

WordPress Development Rescue Services

Whether your site is slow and sluggish, you suspect a security breach, or you have a site in the works, don’t give up on your broken WordPress website! Our experienced design and development team offers comprehensive WordPress rescue solutions to fix your website and save your content.

Website Audit

We dig into your website to find the problem, whether it’s poorly written code or a security breach that is affecting your website.

Security Breach Protection

Our team will identify the malware and clear it while making necessary updates that will protect you from hackers in the future.

Unfinished Build Completion

From fixing a DIY to finishing another developer’s work, our team will complete your website to meet (or exceed) your expectations.

Coding Analysis

If we find broken or outdated coding is the problem, we can fix the scripting errors, remove broken plugins, and restore your website.

Website Migration & Hosting

Website Migration & Hosting

If security issues or broken coding is at the core of your website issues, we strive to fix them. However, there are times when a website it may be better to start new. In some cases, the problems are so deeply entrenched, that your site will keep breaking or continue to be vulnerable to hackers.

We can provide you with a secure, modern website that provides you with the features and functionality you need, an excellent user experience, and a scalable, robust infrastructure that supports your growing business. Our team will work with you to save your existing content, including blog articles, images, galleries, and videos, and migrate it over to your new website without bringing any of the malware or coding issues that led to problems in the first place.


Why Choose TheeDigital

Why Choose TheeDigital

Since 2004, TheeDigital has built, updated, and repaired hundreds of websites for clients across all types of industries. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to fix issues and restore a broken site, but more importantly, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We’ll sit down with you to determine your goals and what you want out of your website and will create a strategy that aligns with this. This may involve removing plugins that don’t serve your business to adding optimization solutions that improve your standing in search engine results. 

If we determine with you that the best step for your website and your business is to migrate to a new website, we’ll work to save your data and content during the process. Once the site has launched, we also offer proactive maintenance and secure hosting to keep your website operating the way it should. 

WordPress Repair & Restoration

Our team will run a technical audit on your existing website to determine what’s causing the problems. Once we know what the issue is, we can create a strategy to fix it properly or if you’re better off with a new site.

WordPress Website Completion

If you tried to build a site on your own and got stuck or a designer left you in the lurch, we can pick up the project, make sure the existing work is completed properly and deliver a fast, optimized site you’ll love.

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