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The Cookery Cooking Schools

Custom Designed Website & Development for WooCommerce Website

Custom WooCommerce Ticketing & Class Sign Up Website


The Cookery Cooking Schools has a thriving business in the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston Texas areas. The Cookery specializes in dinner party style cooking classes. Their pasta making and international cuisine are constant sell-outs. While business boomed, the owner, Kelly, had to endure several uncomfortable changes of the booking reservation systems she utilized. These changes caused no end to frustration with having to constantly re-train employees, and cause issues for her customer base. Additionally, paying an added fee for reservations systems on top of everything else was the last straw. With looking towards creating franchise businesses across the nation, owner Kelly knew she needed to think big and create her OWN reservation system.

After interviewing multiple agencies to build a new website and stand-alone reservation system, Kelly eventually agreed to sign on with TheeDigital to create the website of her dreams using WooCommerce.

Cookery Class Before
Cookery Class After

Solutions for a Custom Developed Class Signup Website


First and foremost, we identified that the ease-of-use for not only customers, but the staff utilizing the website was our utmost priority. TheeDigital then got started creating a reservation system that encompassed many custom functions such as waiting lists, auto-generated timed emails, gift certificate purchases and the ability to cancel within a particular time frame for a credit.

In addition to the custom programming of the website, TheeDigital also provided a custom, one-of-a-kind design for The Cookery.  Importantly, our client Kelly, was also building THREE websites for three different locations with the hope to expand in the future. The sites needed to be built for growth and franchising to others easily.

Design of Custom Designed Event Calendar + Ticket Purchases

TheeDigital custom-designed websites start with a Wireframe. A Wireframe is a black & white “sketch” of the layout of the homepage that helps identify the priority and hierarchy of required elements. The project manager also develops a Creative Brief, which encompasses the needs and wants from our clients, and helps them pull together a design that is appealing to the client.

Next, we turn the approved Wireframe over to our talented website design team. Once the first draft of the design is completed, we work with our clients to ensure everything is exactly what they wanted. We then move to the development portion.

For The Cookery, we started with the main Franchise Website, and then built the actual location class websites for Dallas, Houston & Fort Worth based on the master Franchise website.

The Cookery Schools Homepage WireframeCookery wireframe


The Cookery Schools Homepage Design Mockup
The Cookery Schools Design

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Development of Custom Class Ticket Purchases

The Cookery websites involved a large amount of custom programming. We utilized the popular, and powerful premium plugin Events Calendar for setting up the Class Calendar & ticket purchasing. We then customized the look & feel of the class pages and developed the other custom requirements listed below to create a powerful reservation website.

Cookery Class List
Cookery Calendar List
Cookery Classes
Cookery Waiting List
Cookery Credits and Gift Certificates
  • Waiting List: if a class was booked full, people can sign up to be alerted when a spot opens up
  • Automated, timed emails: Automated emails sent a specified amount of days prior to the class to attendees, and a follow-up after-class email with the recipe deck attached.
  • Credits: Customized development which enables class participants to cancel their ticket within 72 hours of the class for an applied credit. 
  • Gift Certificates: Gift certificating is a HUGE income stream for this type of business, so it was crucial to get this right. TheeDigital also had to solve for importing old gift certificates into the new website and have them be easily utilized and tracked.

A Customized Event Reservation & Ticketing Website


Using WordPress, our design and development team worked together along with the Cookery team to launch a new, exciting and vibrant website. See the results below!

Cookery Documentation

Admin Usability & Staff Training


One last, and critical step for building the new Cookery websites, was to ensure that the instructors and employees using the administration side of the website could easily navigate and get what they needed. Being able to save time and quickly see what customers had allergies or other special requirements was very important. Using WooCommerce was a simple solve for many of the ordering and refunds issues, and piggybacking on that with some custom programming that worked with the Events Calendar & Tickets Pro proved a powerhouse.

Last, training for the new system was vital. The employees of The Cookery were used to using their old reservation system, and training was key for the new site. TheeDigital provided ample training documents and training videos, as well as video-in-person training meetings whenever necessary.

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