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Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry is a dentist in Cary and Holly Springs, NC, providing cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, restorative dentistry, and preventative dentistry to their clients in their two offices. Founded by Dr. Sninski and Dr. Schmitt, who met in college, Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry strives to provide the absolute best dental services day in and day out.

After meeting with the team, it was clear that the local dentists were proud to provide high-quality treatment, and required a website and dental marketing services to match this level of service. As a digital marketing and web design agency, TheeDigital was perfectly positioned to help Sninski & Schmitt create a new and better online home.

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Sninski & Schmitt’s previous web design did not highlight any of their unique and best-in-class services. In addition, patients would complain to Drs. Sninski and Schmitt that it was difficult to navigate and scared away new and curious customers with a byzantine interface and a dearth of information on the available services. In addition, the old site was not well-optimized for Sninski & Schmitt’s optimal keywords, meaning that it did not rank well and struggled to get in front of consumers. All of these various factors combined to make Sninski & Schmitt’s old website ineffective at either getting new customers or retaining old ones.

Sninski & Schmitt’s old website was also not updated to the latest design best practices. This meant that the site was not mobile responsive, and was not designed in a way to maximize user experience and engagement. Combined with the unintuitive layout, this weakness in design meant that users were discouraged from spending time on the website, thereby denying Sninski & Schmitt an opportunity to prime visitors for conversion into patients.


In the two years Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry has worked with TheeDigital, we have managed to turn their site from one that was difficult to navigate and obtuse about offered services to one that provides both returning and new visitors the resources they need to accomplish their goals on the website.

With the help of TheeDigital’s expert dental marketers and copywriters, the new website ranks well for its desired keywords and gets significantly more engagement on their site than they did in previous years.

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SS Family Dental - Website Design

Custom WordPress Website

TheeDigital’s dental web design and dental SEO experts first started by working with doctors Sninski and Schmitt to discover what it was they wanted most out of their website. After working with the dentists, our plan was set.

First, we did a responsive website redesign that focused in on the local dentist’s goals, specifically relating to ease of navigation and well-written, SEO-friendly content. We maintained their preferences for a blue and white branding scheme, but reworked the site to make it easier for users to access contact forms and find patient documents.

After the website launched, our expert dental marketers did not stop there. We continued to work with the doctors to make sure that his content contained custom messaging for his target markets. This involved writing service pages that reflected Sninski & Schmitt’s dedication to quality dental services and adding new location pages as events warranted.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for Family Dentist Office

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

Dental patience on constantly on the go, so the mobile design experts at TheeDigital knew that designing a completely mobile-friendly experience required Sninski and Schmitt’s site to display properly on every type of browser and device. We also design all of our links and buttons that they can be navigated using just the swipe of a thumb.

Being a truly mobile-friendly experience, ensuring it loads quickly, has easy-to-fill-out contact forms, and offers an intuitive layout. Having a truly mobile friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to potential patients.

Custom Wordpress Features for Dental Industry

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

We knew that the topic of dentistry can produce lots of questions from not only current patients but also future ones as well. The new Sninski & Schmitt Family Dentistry website not only has lots of quality content, but also lots of awesome before-and-after photography from actual clients.

What better way for potential patients to learn more about what each procedure can do for them, then to see these amazing results for themselves?

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