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Primary Beginnings

Web Development and Marketing for a Preschool and Child Care Center

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Primary Beginnings is a prestigious preschool and child care center in Raleigh that focuses on fostering children’s creativity, abilities, and overall development.  They offer 5-star development programs and preschool curriculum to help children achieve and surpass developmental and educational goals.

Prior to partnering with TheeDigital, Primary Beginnings’ success was hindered by their insufficient website and ineffective digital marketing tactics. Not only was their website not mobile-friendly nor optimized for search engines, but it also did not feature both of their convenient locations, nor advertise the prestigiousness of their facilities. This was not at all ideal for their target audience of moms who preferred viewing websites via their smartphones, which resulted in a lack of calls and leads.

After undergoing a stellar site redesign and having strategic digital marketing tactics put into place, Primary Beginnings now experiences more leads, calls, and conversions than ever before!


Initially, Primary Beginnings’ success was limited by a variety of different things, such as:

  • An outdated, unoptimized website which did not feature both of their convenient locations
  • A non-mobile friendly website
  • Lack of calls, leads, and conversions
  • Poor website navigation, which resulted in a lack of convenience for parents
  • Poor search engine ranking and SEO
  • Inability to easily access facility events and information

Primary Beginnings noticed their lack of leads and conversions, despite their exceptional 5-star development programs. They quickly realized that this was the result of two main things: prospective parents were not finding their website due to a lack of search engine optimization, and individuals were not able to easily find the information they needed upon arriving to their website.


As a result of these initiatives, the child care facility has experienced a remarkable increase in calls, leads, and conversions. With their new site redesign and ongoing digital marketing tactics, Primary Beginnings’ digital success only continues to grow.

Custom WordPress Site for a Children's Education Center

Using WordPress, TheeDigital created a mobile-friendly, well optimized website is not only ideal for prospective and current parents, but it also flawlessly showcases both locations and attracts an impressive amount of potential customers to these locations. In addition, their enhanced site functionality allows individuals to easily view all of the information they need, such as how to quickly schedule a tour, request more information, or view upcoming events.

Being a WordPress site means that anyone can easily be taught how to make edits to the website, without having any previous HTML or website editing experience.

Mobile Friendly Web Design for a Children's Education Center

A responsive website is far more than just a site’s ability to display uniquely on different browsers and devices, and nobody understands this more than TheeDigital.

Our experience in developing quality websites starts with a “mobile-first” approach to web design. Websites that are truly mobile friendly display differently on all devices, and pay close attention to how buttons and navigation work using just one’s thumb.

So much of this educator and daycare’s traffic is coming from mobile devices, so this detail is imperative to this business and their users.

Special Features for a Children's Education Center

Showcasing Success Stories

We wanted to increase the time spent on Primary Beginning’s website, and what better way to accomplish this by adding quality content.

The blog section of their website provides valuable content for the parents, while also reinforcing the vast knowledge that staff is able to share with their readers.

The other benefit of this is that new web content helps improve search engine rankings, and will also establish their staff as thought leaders in this education and childcare industry.

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