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Custom Web Design for a Metal Fabrication Company


Gray Metal South is a metal fabricator who manufactures air ducts and fittings for the HVAC industry. In 2016, they needed a new digital presence to generate more online business and to better compete with industry peers. They needed a visually stunning and functional update to show visitors their high standards of professionalism and commitment to perfection.

They now enjoy an engaging and responsive website, ready to bring in new leads.

New website from marketing agency helps metal fabrication company
HVAC piping manufacturer gets custom website from digital marketing agency


TheeDigital needed to deliver a website that was up to modern standards for speed, functionality and user experience. It also needed to properly educate visitors on the various products offered by the company.

The team went to work creating a website with larger navigation bar links, a fresher overall look, and clear product pages with readily available images for convenient browsing. The homepage includes an auto-play video showcasing the metal fabrication process, welcoming visitors warmly to the site.

A button in the navigation bar for downloading Gray Metal South’s Master Catalog was added, giving site visitors a simple and quick way to browse a multitude of the company’s product offerings.



This new, modern site acts as an impressive digital presence that simultaneously attracts new customers and maintains Gray Metal South’s brand in the online world.

TheeDigital marketing agency develops custom website for HVAC fittings manufacturing company
metal fabricator enjoys customized web design from TheeDigital marketing agency
marketing firm creates customized website for HVAC piping manufacturer
Digital marketing firm creates new web design for metal fabrication business
HVAC fittings manufacturer receives responsive website design from TheeDigital marketing firm

Custom WordPress Website

Gray Metal South now has a website the is responsive across all devices. Whether someone is working on their desktop in an office or using a tablet or mobile phone on a job site, they can quickly access this site to find the right air duct product for their needs.

On mobile devices, web pages render for an optimized user experience. Images load relative to screen size and configuration, text is clear and large enough to read, and browsing through and selecting products using fingers is smooth and convenient.

Mobile device responsiveness helps the website rank higher since search engines count the mobile browsing experience as a key factor in their ranking algorithms.


TheeDigital marketing firm creates new website for HVAC ducting manufacturer

3D Model Helps Visualize Products

To make product selection and understanding easier for customers, Gray Metal South desired a 3D modeling tool to show some of their fittings and ducts configured within a home model. The TheeDigital team created artwork in-house and worked with an outside development team to build the interactive model.

Attention-to-detail was crucial for an optimal experience. The products within the model relatively represent the exact measurements of the ducting and fittings, all the way down o the curves and ridges.

This modeling tool helps to draw in and engage website visitors and helps educate HVAC professionals on Gray Metal South’s products and their real-world utility.

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