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The Periodic Table of Younger Chemists was the idea of Dr. Christine Dunne and was a collaborative effort between IUPAC and IYCN as part of the 2019 IUPAC100 Celebration. Following the successful unveiling of the completed table, we sought to find a way in which we could provide these talented early-career chemists with a platform to discuss matters that were pertinent to not only their careers but also the scientific community as a whole. This was the purpose of ChemVoices and they teamed up with TheeDigital to help make this goal a reality.

Responsive Web Design for National Non-Profit Company


The ChemVoices team needed a website that could not only display uniquely on all devices, but also deliver valuable resources and information to their audience of young scientists about the world. The desire was to have a well-designed and organized site that would display news content and current webinars and also be a repository for their audience to watch videos of past webinars.


The new ChemVoices website is super fast to load, chocked full of valuable information and extremely SEO friendly, which helps the website rank well with search engines.

Custom WordPress Features for National Non-Profit Company
Web Design and WordPress Development for a National Non-Profit Company
Mobile Friendly Web Design for a National Non-Profit Company
Custom Wordpress Features for a National Non-Profit Company
Custom Web Design for a National Non-Profit Company
Responsive Web Design for a National Non-Profit Company
SEO and Marketing for a National Non-Profit Company
Marketing and Lead Building for a National Non-Profit Company
Pay Per Click for a National Non-Profit Company
Responsive Web Design for National Non-Profit Company

Responsive WordPress Website

Having a responsive website is way more than just a website changing sites on different browser widths and devices. A truly responsive site is designed to display perfectly on each of these browsers and devices, and taking the user’s experience (UX) into consideration on every page. The ChemVoices website is easy to view and navigate no matter the device in which it’s being viewed, including mobile and tablet devices. Most websites these days are considered “responsive,” but the team at TheeDigital ensures that each page displays uniquely and purposefully on each device.

Thumb Friendly Web Design for National Non-Profit Company

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

The design team at TheeDigital understands the importance of a well-designed, which is why we follow a “mobile-first” philosophy with our web design.

With purposely sized links, buttons, and navigation, we’re confident that today’s busy users will be able use just a thumb to breeze through this website.

Special WordPress features for National Non-Profit Company

Easy to Find Webinars

One of the main functions of the ChemVoices website is the sharing of knowledge via online webinars. These courses are easy to find on the homepage, and even easier to register and watch. Partnering with the team at TheeDigital, made it possible to identify solutions and provide the best solution. Using GotoWebinar as a third-party affiliate, with a few clicks and keystrokes users can view current and past webinars.

Logo Branding for a National Non-Profit Company

Brand Identity Creation by TheeDigital

The design team at TheeDigital was asked to create a brand for this company that would allow them to create an identity under their IUPAC corporate brand. Several designs were provided to the team at IUPAC, and once finalized, their new logo is created as a vector file and provided to the client in various formats for an infinite number of uses. As a vector file, this logo can be infinitely enlarged or reduced without loos in quality.

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