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Top 5 Reasons Online Stores Fail:

  1. Poor mobile experience
  2. Cluttered and confusing layout
  3. Overcomplicated and unintuitive checkout
  4. Lack of SEO knowledge or lack of SEO on website
  5. Poorly written copy, especially with product descriptions and CTA

Here are Some Free Tips to Improve Your Product Pages

Getting a potential customer to your website is only the first step. Here are some tips to improve your product pages to improve your conversion rate: 

  1. Write descriptive titles
  2. Write original product descriptions
  3. Write eye-catching meta descriptions
  4. Use Schema structured data
  5. Use high quality photos
  6. Be a mind reader! Answer every question a customer might ask before purchasing
  7. Add a wish list to your online store
  8. Add customer reviews
  9. Add recently reviewed items

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