Web Design & WordPress Development for Primary Care Practices

TheeDigital is an award-winning web design and website development agency. We specialize in designing and developing websites primary cares can use to build their customer base.

Your website is often the very first interaction a new patient will have with your primary care practice. A well-designed and optimized website that’s easy to navigate is key to a successful first impression.

TheeDigital’s Website Features for Primary Care Practices

TheeDigital’s web design and development team uses the latest web design trends to create beautiful and effective websites for primary care practices. The features we can include on your new website include:

  • Custom Website Design – A professionally designed website will help your primary care practice stand out from the competition!
  •  Mobile Web Design – Consumers use mobile now more than ever, so it’s important that your website is responsive, so it looks great no matter which device your customer uses to find you!
  • Automated Appointment Reminders – This service helps your practice and your patients by reducing the amount of missed appointments.
  • SEO-friendly Content – TheeDigital’s Digital Marketing team understands how to write optimized content for your website.
  • Online Scheduler – Make is easy for your customer’s to make an appointment online!
  • Ecommerce – Offer your patients more flexibility with online payment options.
  • Testimonials – Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools!
  • Online Billing – Looking to reduce the amount of paper your primary care practice uses? Online billing can help!
  • Detailed Analytics – We’ll provide you with access to valuable analytics so you can see how well your new website is performing and how it can be improved.

Our web design team uses WordPress exclusively, as it is easy to customize and offers countless plugins and features that are useful to primary care practice websites. It’s also user-friendly, so you can easily make updates as your practice grows.

Benefits of a New Website

You want your website to reflect quality, expertise, and trustworthiness. If you are looking to grow your primary care practice, a professionally designed website is a great place to start! Here are just a few of the benefits of a new web design:

  • SEO – If you have an old website that hasn’t been updated in a while, chances are it’s being ignored by search engines. A new website that is optimized can help you be found again!
  • Improved Customer Service – Use new technologies such as online scheduling to better serve customers and make it easier for new ones to find you.
  • Increase Revenue – a new website will most definitely spur growth. An attractive website that is helpful and optimized will get new patients in the door!

Why Choose TheeDigital for your Primary Care Practice Website

The TheeDigital team includes experienced web designers and developers, as well as SEO and digital marketing experts. Not only will your website look amazing, it will also be optimized, so it can easily be found by search engines such as Google and Bing. Our goal is to help your primary care practice attract, engage, convert, and retain patients.