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PPC / Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Primary Care Practice

Looking to boost traffic to your primary care’s office website? Online paid advertising will give the immediate return on investment you are looking for.

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Instantly Rise to the Top of Search Results with Expert PPC Services!

Every day people in your area are searching for primary care practices and most marketing efforts take a lot of time. In the meantime, a solid digital marketing strategy can always be boosted by with Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns. We create great ads that take the buyer through a positive experience ultimately leading to establishing you as a leader and expert in healthcare in an informative and non-invasive way.

We can help your primary care practice by providing a great range of PPC and digital marketing services that will attract people who are already searching for your care. Let us help you do what you do best and put your best side in front of your potential patients!

PPC Services for Doctors and Primary Care Physicians

TheeDigital provides a variety of PPC services to boost your digital marketing efforts and drive highly targeted traffic to your primary care practice website. This list may be long, but rest-assured, our PPC experts will work closely with you to determine what types of PPC services. would work best for your primary care practice!

PPC Management

Our PPC experts will manage your campaigns to ensure maximum return on investment through paid ads.

Google Ads Creation

We’ll develop PPC campiagns around carefully researched keywords.

Bing Ads Creation

Bing is the 2nd most popular search engine, and it needs be included in your PPC strategy.

Call Tracking

TheeDigital uses the latest technology to provide call tracking, so you can measure phone call conversions driven by digital marketing campaigns.

Aggressive Bid Strategy

While it’s best practice to bid conservatively on Adwords campaigns, our PPC experts know when an aggressive strategy is required.

Landing Page Optimization

PPC ads should always link to an optimized landing page geared towards collecting leads.

Ad Copywriting

Our expert wordsmiths will create effective ad copy to drive targeted customers to your website.

AdWords and Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing is a term that describes online ads that “follow” a customer. For example, if someone clicks on your page and clicks away, an Adwords Remarketing ad will appear in banner ads, search results, or on Facebook.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a critical component in determining which PPC ads are most effective for your primary care practice.

Conversion Tracking and Reporting

Which ads are providing the best results for your business? With conversion tracking, we can determine which ads are generating the highest ROI so you know where to focus your efforts.

Demographic Targeting

Our PPC experts ensure that your ads are seen by a targeted audience to increase conversions.

Keyword Monitoring

We work continuously to determine which keywords are most effective in your PPC ads.

Primary Care PPC Services

Benefits of PPC Campaigns

There are benefits to leveraging PPC advertising in your digital marketing campaigns, including:

  • Precise Audience Targeting – PPC is the only way to target a very specific audience.
  • Higher Conversion Rate – With more precise targeting, PPC campaigns often offers a higher conversion rate than other digital marketing strategies.
  • Boosted Position in Search Results – Gain the perceived endorsement that comes with a high position on the search engine results page!
PPC for Primary Care Physicians

Why TheeDigital

TheeDigital’s PPC team has had extensive experience in developing campaigns for a variety of industries, including primary care practices since 2004. We can create unique, effective campaigns to fit just about any marketing budget.

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