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Custom WordPress Development and Digital Marketing for a CBD Medical Business

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 442.89% Increase in Total Users
 1,547.16% Increase in Organic Users
 473.45% Increase in Mobile Traffic


Trek CDB is on a mission to help people discover effective alternative solutions that will minimize chronic symptoms such as pain, insomnia, and anxiety and allow them to live life with more energy and vibrancy.

With CBD having a negative public perception from most, they wanted to change that feeling. They built stores that are safe and comfortable where people could explore natural remedies, ask important questions, and get top-tier products, both online and in a store.

Trek approached TheeDigital to help with this endeavor.


Before the redesign, Trek CBD’s website (shown at left) wasn’t very inviting, and didn’t reflect the modern and clean appearance of their retail stores.

Trek CBD needed a more prominent focus on Ecommerce, and a clearer path for their audience to seek and ask questions about CBD products. With so much misinformation about these products they needed to be able to debunk false information and confirm benefits and explore natural remedies for common ailments and symptoms very quickly.


TheeDigital was able to create a stunning design that is optimized to attract prospective customers and rank well in search engines. The modern design features easy access to lots of valuable information on valuable products.

Responsive Design for a CBD Medicine Business

Using WordPress, our development team created an Ecommerce store, that is optimized to rank well in search engines. The site, including all pages and products were constructed with SEO in mind, so this website is going to load quickly on all devices, and will be easy to find when someone is looking for CBD products.

Being a WordPress website means it’s going to be super easy to maintain and edit by the staff at Trek CBD. New content, edits to existing content, and uploading and maintaining new products are a breeze. And the best part is that nobody has to have any previous knowledge or experience with HTML or any programming.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for a CBD Medicine Business

With a majority of Trek CBD’s traffic coming from mobile sites, the development team at TheeDigital took a “mobile-first” approach to the design and production of their Ecommerce site.

A “mobile-first” approach means that the site is not simply going to scale images and text to fit different browser widths. Each page of their new website was designed to uniquely display for the optimal user experience. All buttons and navigation links were specifically designed to be pressed using just one’s thumb or swipe of a finger. Forms and online messages are easy to fill out and send. This attention to detail is a key ingredient to a higher conversion rate.

Special Features for a CBD Business

Real-time Customer Interaction

With so much confusion and misinformation in the marketplace for CBD products, it was important for Trek CBD to be able to respond and react to customer questions.

The new Trek CBD website has a few ways to connect with prospective customers, one is through an online chat for quick questions, and the other is to schedule a free 20-minute online consultation with a live CBD expert using the HubSpot CRM.

Once clicked, the user is offered the open times and dates available, and can easily select the time and date that fits their schedule.

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