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Custom Web Design for a Construction Industry Customer
RAMP Systems

Custom Web Design and WordPress Development for a Construction Company


RAMP Systems provides complete third-party logistics (3PL) integration software and warehouse management system (WMS) solutions. Their unique services allow businesses to integrate with their customers easily and cost effectively.

Founded in 2006 by Brian Mozhedehi, RAMP Systems has been featured on Silicon Review and has received positive reviews by both clients and the industry.

Ramp Systems Before Screenshot
Ramp Systems After Screenshot


Ramp Systems had a website that was out-of-date and difficult to update. This kept the website from being a useful source for current information to its users. Since the website was older, the overall look and feel was not representative of the company.

Ramp Systems wanted a modern looking website to reflect their business and their technology. In addition to a good looking website, Ramp Systems also need a Customer Learning Center that allowed for their clients to access documents and educational material regarding their purchases.


TheeDigital created a custom developed website utilizing WordPress as a content management system. The new website makes it easier for both potential and existing customers to navigate the site and find the information they need. The unique look is an expression of their brand and quickly lets visitors know and understand what the company has to offer.

Information within the website can be updated easily and this helps to keep the content fresh for the search engines and provides a reliable resource for those in the industry wanting to keep current on their technology.

The Learning Center that was developed keeps information secure from the public but available to their clients through a login portal. Tutorials and step by step instructions are provided for best practices in the use of their tools and keeps customers current in the use of their technologies.

Custom Web Design for a Tech Company
Custom Web Design for a Construction Business
Ramp Systems Contact page
Ramp Systems About Us page
Ramp Systems News page
Ramp Systems Interchange page
Ramp Systems Enterprise page
RAMP Systems Web Design

Custom WordPress Website

The ease-of-use for custom WordPress websites is such that our clients can easily edit and add content to their website.

TheeDigital researched the needs of the client and evaluated solutions that were cost-effective and provided features to meet those needs. A solution was determined that had the capability of bringing the client a product that not only met their needs but also had a unique look and would be a viable solution for years to come.

UsingĀ WordPress, our team worked together with Ramp Systems to create a website that was custom designed and custom developed.

Thumb Friendly Word Press Design

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

In today’s world of portable technology, it’s mort important than ever to have a website that is able to be more than just responsive. It also needs to look good on all types of devices.

The Ramp Systems website needed to offer a truly “thumb-friendly” website. With our society’s ability to multi-task, having navigation, links and forms that users can access with only a thumb.

Having a truly mobile-friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to potential customers.

Showcasing Client Success Stories

Showcasing Success Stories

We wanted to improve conversions by inspiring confidence in website visitors. What’s better than a happy customer? Well that’s easy. Letting prospective clients read about their success is just as important to give your company credibility.

Ramp Systems takes pride in pleasing their customers and we created an easy way for readers to see these stories.

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