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Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA) delivers training, resources, and certifications for personal trainers since 1993. The personal training certifications coordinated by IFTA are the most advanced, internationally recognized and educational programs available.

With an industry that requires a fast-paced and flexible website, their old and outdated site was neither. Their old website was difficult to navigate with slow-loading pages, and it wasn’t optimized for mobile use, which turned away prospective trainers, provided no credibility and limited their growth.

Their new website needed to not only showcase their training courses and certifications, but also needed to have the ability to purchase and download these courses on all platforms, and do it quickly.


The high quality of the training for IFTA was never in question. However, the process for signing up needed a massive overhaul. The old ordering process was extremely labor intensive for the IFTA staff as it required following up with every order to process the payment. As a result of the manual processes, there were far too many opportunities for human error and/or customers backing out of the commitment. These issues combined to a lower than optimal conversion rate.

Additionally, the website design was almost a decade old. This led many visitors to question the credibility of the training available — potentially seeking training elsewhere at a competitor’s website.


Not only has the new website design and ecommerce system resulted in a higher conversion rate and total number of signups, it’s also saving IFTA money on the backend by automating processes that were once labor intensive.

Responsive WordPress Fitness Website


The new design for the website is easy-to-navigate and big, bold, and beautiful. The calls-to-action are attractive and prominent so it’s obvious what the next natural step the visitors should take.

The big solution was implementing the ecommerce system. The list-based display of the classes was kept similar to the old website to ensure the regular customers were instantly familiar with the new format. The process itself was modernized to standards most visitors would expect — they are now able to browse classes, book them online, and pay for them without interacting with an IFTA staff member.

Mobile Friendly Web Design for Fitness Company

Mobile-Friendly Design

The fitness industry is constantly on the go. To keep up with an ever-evolving audience, this client desperately needed a website that was viewable on all devices.

Displaying across all devices isn’t enough in today’s fast-paced world. The be truly user-friendly, we knew this site also needed to load fast, have easy-to-use forms, and be “thumb-friendly” for their mobile users.

Having a truly mobile friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to potential fitness customers.

WooCommerce Website for Fitness Industry Client

Downloadable Courses and Certifications

We made it so that IFTA’s trainers could easily download instructional fitness videos and certifications.

With the click of a button or tap of a thumb, an instructional certification coarse on pilates, cycling or a host of other fitness topics for trainers can easily be downloaded to their desktop or mobile device.

This resulted in more than doubling their page views and a massive increase if their mobile traffic.

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