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Custom Website with SEO for a Job Placement Company


Haiti has a problem with job placement and poverty. Thankfully, two Haitian immigrants have a plan to solve this issue and have already started to achieve their goal with TheeDigital’s online marketing help.

The strategy is to connect skilled candidates with work online. They needed a fast website that allows them to accomplish multiple functions such as job posting, job discussion, and payment transfer. Even more, they need their website to easily be found by the scores of eager job seekers searching the internet for work. Our team infused their new site with SEO-rich content and the proper development elements to meet their requirements.  After the launch, it has been a success in helping them bring together more and more employers and job seekers.

GiveJobs Website Homepage


There are many candidates in Haiti who are very well educated and skilled, but unfortunately, due to political unrest and devastating environmental problems, there’s a lack of work for many people. The remedy? GiveJobs wanted to connect them to work that can be done remotely, on the internet.

A strategy was needed to connect skilled job seekers across a wide array of specialties including web and software development, design and creative, sales and marketing, administration, data science, customer service and engineering and architecture.



Our team went to work building the website that helps GiveJobs attain their success. Their new site is now an effective tool which allows people to post jobs, freelancers to create profiles and search for work plus fast messaging between both parties. It even facilitates the payment once the job is complete.

GiveJobs Contact Us Page
GiveJobs Homepage
GiveJobs Post a Job Webpage
GiveJobs Find a Freelancer Webpage
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Custom WordPress Website Development

In order to create a faster, enhanced user experience, our development team used a Vue.js javascript framework that allows for database queries without constant page reloading. This is a cutting edge method that enhances experience in messenger-type tools for example.

If you’re messaging someone, you won’t have to inconveniently refresh your page to see new messages, instead they’ll appear in real time. It’s just one of the ways this javascript addition makes their site more powerful.

GiveJobs Mobile Responsive Website on Smartphone

Mobile Website, Built for Responsiveness

Speed can make the difference when a freelancer and potential employer trying to secure work with one another. We made sure to think of that as we built a website that responds properly to tablet and phone devices.

The sites pages load very fast and an efficient navigation structure lets users move about to different areas with ease. Any text acclimates to the device’s size for easy and clear reading.

Whether it’s posting, searching, updating their profile or messaging back and forth on an assignment’s requirements, this mobile friendly site is ready to perform quickly to help users reach their goals.

Travay Lakay Homepage

Different Languages for Different Audiences

Their main new website is tailored for users living outside of Haiti and comes with a convenient feature to change the entire site’s content to either English, Spanish or French with the click of a button.

GiveJobs also benefits from a separate Marketing Website which is made for the local population in Haiti. It is fully in French, a language widely used there. Allowing for easy access and understanding for Haitians ensures that even more professionals can benefit from this awesome organization.

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