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Do You Want To Get More Leads Through Your Law Firm Website?

Your law firm has a reputation for excellence and a track record for success. If this success means you’re ready to bring in more clients and grow your firm, it’s time to consider adding law firm PPC ads into your marketing strategy.. Investing in pay-per-click advertising is a smart, effective way to drive more traffic to your law firm’s website, get higher quality leads, and ultimately, gain more clients.

As a Google Premier Partner and Microsoft Ads Professional, TheeDigital has the experience and knowledge necessary to build and manage a PPC campaign that gets the results you want while keeping costs manageable.

Our Successful Law Firm PPC Clients

Our Law Firm PPC Services

We are a Google Premier Partner and have Bing Ads Professional accreditation, making us highly qualified to manage your campaigns.

Ad Development

Meet with our PPC experts to discuss your budget, your goals, and services you’d most like to drive traffic to.

Campaign Management

We’ll check in on your campaigns daily to see how they’re performing and make sure you’re getting the most ROAS possible.

Advanced Targeting

Target keywords, geographic locations, interests, and key demographics to get the most qualified leads possible.

Detailed Reporting

Receive a detailed monthly report on the performance of your PPC campaigns.

PPC for attorneys

Understanding PPC Advertising for Law Firms

If you haven’t used pay-per-click advertising for your law firm, this is an advertisement that you only pay for when someone clicks on the ad. Relevant keywords are chosen and maximum bids are set so that when a search is performed and you have a winning bid, your ad gets top placement above search results. In a highly competitive market, this increase in visibility with targeted ad campaigns is incredibly effective and offers one of the best returns on investment in marketing.

The most popular law firm PPC platform is Google Ads, but Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) is also a great option to reach prospective clients. Social media advertising, such as sponsored posts on Instagram and Facebook also fall under pay-per-click ads.

PPC for law firms

How PPC Compliments Your SEO Strategy

If you’re already using SEO services to get your firm’s website to the top of the search results, pay-per-click advertising can work in conjunction to increase your search engine presence, increase visibility, and improve awareness of your brand.

With both strategies in place, you’ll see more qualified traffic to your website and leads that are more likely to convert into clients.

PPC Ad Types for Lawyers

Search Ads

Search ads are located at the top and bottom of search engine results. These look like organic search results except for a small “Ad” icon. Search ads are highly effective because they capture your searcher’s intent.

Display Ads

Display network ads are not shown in the search results, but on an advertising network across multiple sites and services like YouTube and Gmail (for Google Ads.) They are not as effective at gaining instant results, but they are great for building brand awareness.

Social Media Ads

Running ads on social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram can be highly effective – if they’re done correctly. We work to create social media ads that campaigns that appeal to your target audience and align with your firm’s goals.

Video Ads

With Google Ads, you have the ability to create video ads that will be shown on YouTube. Just like the other ad types, we can target key demographics, interests, and geographic locations.

We Are Google Ads Certified Specialists!

Premier Google Partner, TheeDigital of Raleigh NC

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to run successful PPC advertising for law firms. As a Premier Google Partner, each member of our marketing team is Google Ads Certified, so you can feel confident in our commitment to delivering optimal performance and leveraging Google Ads to the fullest potential.

Our Clients Love Working With Us!

FAQs on PPC Advertising

Yes. Because we specialize in law firm marketing, we’re familiar with the regulations the American Bar Association (ABA) and each state bar association places on the way that law firms can advertise their services. We ensure that all ads are ABA-compliant so you never have to worry about warnings or fines from these professional organizations.

PPC is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies because it can provide nearly instant results. It also allows you to target users that you might not be able to reach through SEO. This is especially true with display ads, since they are displayed on a variety of sites across the web.

You set your PPC budget and we’ll do the rest. Our management fees are dictated by your budget.

PPC works relatively quickly. Our clients see an increase in traffic almost immediately and conversions start climbing soon after the ads are live. To understand the true ROI of any marketing campaign, it’s recommended that we integrate with your existing CRM and marketing automation tool.

To start running PPC ads for your law firm, give us a call at 919-341-8901!

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