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Buy Manufacturers Direct

Custom Web Design and Ecommerce for a Construction Equipment Supplier

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 99.22% Increase in Total Website Traffic
 232% Increase in Organic Search Results
 97.71% Increase in New Users


Buy Manufacturers Direct (BMD) is a collaborative alliance of some of the world’s leading surface preparation equipment and consumable manufacturers who sought an innovative alternative to reaching their customers. BMD was created to provide the customer not only with direct access to purchasing equipment and consumables, but extend unparalleled access to product experts.

They approached TheeDigital to create a beautiful custom Ecommerce website that not only looks and performs better than their previous website, but is also easier to maintain and fulfill orders.


Before the redesign, A Complete Assembly had an outdated site (seen to the left). They needed an updated website that was better organized and better designed so that potential customers could find what they were looking for, while also supplying access to expert information.

Their old website’s products were difficult to find, and prospective customers were clamoring for more information than was being provided.

Additionally the site navigation was disorganized, making it harder for customers to find what they were looking for  and creating a bad user experience.


Using WordPress, our talented development team was able to create a stunning Ecommerce site that was easily optimized to attract prospective customers. The modern design has a streamlined site navigation, that is better organized and simpler, making it very easy to navigate and find exactly what they were seeking. This improved user experience is sure to increase the amount of time spent on this site, which will likely increase conversion rates.

Marketing and SEO for a Retail Construction Equipment Supplier

Using WordPress, our development team was able to create a stunning custom design for Buy Manufacturers Direct that is now streamlined to perform well on all browsers and devices, and highly optimized to rank well in search engine results.

The bonus is that since it is built on the WordPress platform, their new website is super easy to maintain and edit without having to have any prior HTML or web development knowledge. Also, since it’s a WooCommerce site, the products are super easy to list and orders are easy to fulfill and manage.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for a Retail Construction Equipment Supplier

With so much of Buy Manufacturers Direct’s traffic coming from mobile sites, it was imperative to design their new website using a ‘mobile-first’ approach.

This approach ensures that each user has a positive user experience, and this will result in not only finding the products and information they were seeking, but will also keep them on the website gaining valuable information created to establish them as thought leaders in their industry.

Each page, button and link is designed to be easily navigated by just using just a user’s thumb or finger. To be a positive mobile-friendly experience, it has to load quickly, contain easy-to fill-out contact forms, and offer an intuitive layout. This attention to detail ensures a positive user experience and will likely result in higher conversion rates.

Custom features for a Retail Construction Equipment Supplier

Highlighting Product Videos

One of the core solutions that Buy Manufacturers Direct was seeking with their redesign was to better showcase the many highly informative videos that had available on their site.

TheeDigital placed these videos for all to see, right in the main site navigation, making it much easier to find. Also, the landing page for these videos makes it easy to find video content, and watch them on whichever device they’re currently using.

Having valuable content is imperative for so many reasons, both for SEO and for building new customers, but the added time spent on their site is also sure to have a positive influence on their conversion rates.

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