Allied Health Education

Allied Health Education's new Woocommerce website saves them 30 hours per week of manual reporting, updating orders, and sending out receipts.


Allied Health Education provides continuing education and credits to physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and certified personal trainers in the Triangle area and beyond. Utilizing the power of WooCommerce, the educational company offers three different options for credited courses: On-Demand Webinars, Live Webinars, and Seminars.

The company’s unique form of WooCommerce called for a user-friendly front end to make course selection and purchase simple for the consumer, while providing a detailed, yet easy-to-use back end to manage payments and information. This required skillful organization, while still maintaining a sleek and visually appealing website to keep the Allied Health brand prominent.

The Challenge

Allied Health Education’s WooCommerce website required meticulous organization on both the front and back end. Since so many physical therapy professionals rely on Allied Health Education to provide webinars, navigation was kept simple and stylistic.

The client also felt course sales could benefit from offering promotions like package deals and discount codes, which required conditional logic and custom WooCommerce development. Allied Health Education also wanted to add value to courses by providing printable certificates for customers who successfully completed courses.

Finally, with the previous site, the client wasted hours wading through purchasing information and payment details, then matching purchasers up to the appropriate course. Our developers prioritized creating a cataloged back end to save the client time and energy.

The Solution

The new site’s visually appealing organization and taxonomy simplifies the user experience, ideally increasing purchases while decreasing the client’s time spent managing the back end.

To keep a clean and elegant WooCommerce design, our developers utilized CSS to combine course/product selection as a text overlay with rollover effects over square background images. Extraneous details like course title, time, date, and cost are all neatly held together within the graphic, which keeps the design tidy and easy to navigate.

Likewise, developers kept the back end highly organized. We created a custom report functionality and conditional logic to take over the client’s pain-staking task of manually reporting and sending out receipts — saving him hours of work!

Allied Health Education New Website

The Results

Allied Health Education came to TheeDigital wanting a clean, simplified, and visually appealing website with easy consumer navigation and a more seamless WooCommerce experience that incentivizes customers through money-saving package deals and tangible downloadable certificates.

TheeDigital’s custom report functionality and conditional logic saves the client thousands of dollars worth of time previously spent manually sending out receipts and updating orders.

With the new custom logic and report features, a member of the client’s team says the company “should be able to save about 30 hours of work per week. That’s going to pay for the website.”

Package Deals & Coupon Codes

The shopping cart customization was a useful addition, aimed at increasing sales. TheeDigital’s development team added conditional logic for several reasons. First, customers can now buy packages of three or more courses for a discounted rate. Similarly, developers added coupon codes to take, for example, 10% off an order.

This same custom logic also integrated to print physical certificates, PDFs of handouts, and receipts for customers who enrolled in a course. Prior to our team’s new developments, the client was forced to manually send out each of these items.

Now, the certificates and handouts automatically generate for customers who enroll or successfully finish a course, saving the client hours of time and hassle.


Allied Health - WooCommerce Deals and Coupons

Time-Saving Ecommerce Functionality

On the website’s previous incarnation, the client had to manually check and fulfill orders, create class lists, and dig into financial records one by one.

Previously, anytime a customer wanted to change their order or add a course, the client had to login as a user, add a credit card, and manually add or remove a course from their order. Now, the company can add an order simply by doing a quick search for the course and assigning it to a user.

Likewise, the client is now able to scroll through purchases and orders on the back end, easily viewing financial records. The client can also do custom reports to see which instructors taught which classes and how successful these classes were. These easy-access reports allow this educational company to make better decisions about which courses to continue offering.


Allied Health - WooCommerce Backend Features

The New Website

Allied Health Education New WooCommerce Website