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Spending Too Much on Your Google Ads?

We improve PPC campaigns for our clients to eliminate low quality traffic and improve conversion rates.

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Are Your Google Ads Driving Results?

Let Us Get You More Leads!

Get in front of your customers and grow your business with Google Ads.
With 90% of people searching on Google everyday, Google Ads will put you directly in front of your customers at the exact moment they’re searching for you.

A Google Partner, TheeDigital is qualified by Google to offer paid ads management services in Raleigh and nationwide. This includes Google Ads campaign setup and optimization to maximize your cost per lead and overall marketing ROI.

Google Advertising to Grow Your Business

Google Ads (previously Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express) is a digital advertising platform that businesses use to drive website traffic, phone calls, in-store traffic, and more. Depending on your budget and goals, you can promote your products and services across Google Search, YouTube, and other sites on the web.

Search Ads

Targeted text ads that show when someone is looking for your products or services online in Google Search

Display Ads

Display ads appear on websites, blogs, Gmail and other sites in the Google Display Network. This also includes retargeting ads

Video Ads

Video ads reach customers while they’re watching or searching for videos on YouTube

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads drive people to your website or store, helping you sell more products to your ideal customer

Google ads for businesses

Google Ads Management Services for Businesses

Whether you’re running a search ad campaign, a video ad campaign, or a combination of search, display, video, and shopping, you need a team of experts to manage and optimize your ads for maximum results.

Our team uses a variety of PPC advertising tactics to ensure your ads will show when customers are searching for you. Benefits of working with our team include:

  • Ongoing Strategy
  • Monthly PPC Audit
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Remarketing Ads
  • A/B Ad Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Monthly Consultation & Reports
Google Ads Partner

We’re a Google Partner

TheeDigital is a Google Partner, meaning we have demonstrated exemplary skill and expertise using the Google Ads digital advertising platform. Our PPC experts are qualified by Google to improve paid advertising campaigns and maximize ad spend and ROI.

Our Google Ads agency helps clients, both in Raleigh and nationwide, grow their business using targeted and optimized ad campaigns. Our success is your success!

no long-term contracts

No Long Term Contracts No Hassle

We want to prove how we can improve your web presence and get you more leads. We don’t want you to just use our services because you’re stuck with a long term contract. That’s why we don’t make our customers sign long term contracts. We want to make sure you work with us because you see the results and become more successful from our marketing efforts. Let us help you improve your ROI and generate quality leads with our Google Ads services!

Thanks to TheeDigital’s search engine marketing efforts we have been able to sustain high rankings on Google and provide better user experience.

Carson Thorn, CPA

Carson Thorn
Owner, C. E. Thorn, CPA, PLLC
Carson Thorn CPA

1. How much does Google Ads cost?

Google ad costs are determined by your budget. Our management fees fit a range of budgets, from below $1K to more than $10K.

2. Where will my ads show?

Your ads can show in Google Search results, Gmail, YouTube, and on other sites in the Google Display network. Their exact location depends on your ad campaign strategy. Your account manager will work with you to optimize your ads for your target customer.

3. Will I receive reporting or insight on how my campaigns are performing?

Yes! You’ll receive a custom, real-time reporting dashboard so you can view data on your Google Ads campaigns 24/7.

4. Do I need SEO if I’m running PPC ads on Google?

PPC advertising is just one tactic in your digital marketing strategy. While it’s not required to do both, combining PPC with SEO will strengthen your brand awareness and lead generation efforts tenfold.

Work with an Experienced Google Ads Agency

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