My Experience as a Digital Marketing Intern

Check out Victoria Ravanel's feedback as one of our summer Digital Marketing Interns. Discover how she developed search engine optimization work experience.

Victoria Ravanel - Digital Marketing InterAt the start of summer, I walked into TheeDigital a complete novice in internet marketing. Now, as I prepare to return to school, I’m walking out a more experienced and professional student marketer. This internship was more than another workplace to list on my resume. My time here was… dare I say it… fun?

Yes, this was a fun internship. My days of fetching coffee, filing mountains of paperwork, and running errands were over. In walked people who cared about my professional development and always ensured that I had a relevant task to complete.

The enjoyable experiences didn’t come without their challenges. I went outside my comfort zone at times and tried things I’ve never done before. Participating in an actual client meeting intimidated me at first, but it turned out to be my favorite experience. Not once was I assigned busy work; I only worked on tasks for real clients. Such hands-on opportunities characterize my time at TheeDigital.

Building My Professional Digital Marketing Portfolio

I’ve picked up a plethora of industry-savvy vocabulary and an understanding of basic internet marketing concepts. To top it off, I learned new skills and became proficient in essential tools over the course of this internship including:

  • WordPress experience
  • Google Analytics training
  • Google Search Console training
  • Search engine optimization
  • Link building
  • 301 redirects
  • Creating custom graphics for social media
  • Writing effective alt and title tags
  • Image optimization
  • Setting up website content
  • Writing blogs and website content
  • Strategic planning for marketing campaigns
  • Experience in the daily functions of a marketing firm

Digital Marketing Managers Who Care

My managers took the internship seriously and that made all the difference. They held me to the same high standards as the rest of the employees, which contributed to my professional growth considerably. At the same time, they exercised a certain amount of understanding and compassion for incorrectly written assignments, lack of knowledge, sick days, and all manners of mistakes. I was encouraged to try again if the first time around was less than successful. No matter what, my managers went out of their way to get feedback and make sure my internship experiences were in line with my career goals. They inspired me to do my best and to constantly improve myself, even on bad days.

These professionals also know how (and when) to laugh. Employees and employers alike find humor in the mundane, which adds to the sincere but relaxed atmosphere. I found it very easy to work with those around me – and the open floor office plan made those interactions fairly frequent. Group lunches, birthday doughnuts, and cookouts keep the marketing team close and gave me an opportunity to get to know my co-workers. But make no mistake – when at work, they work hard!

My co-workers are dedicated to their personal development and take steps through training, certifications, and proactive meetings to make sure everyone is on top of their game, and that the agency is only putting out their best work. Customers are central to TheeDigital’s business practice and we often discuss what it takes to produce good results and happy clients.

I Was Awarded the Coveted Digital Marketing Superstar Award!

Victoria Ravenel - Search Engine Marketing Intern

TheeDigital is an award-winning web design and digital marketing agency for a reason. I urge you to check out their online portfolio, which boasts some heavy-hitting clients with incredible reinvented websites and thriving businesses. I’ve watched companies go from no Google ranking to one of the top listed as a keyword search result. It’s impressive to watch success unfold before my eyes.

TheeDigital Could Be Your Successful Digital Marketing Internship Experience Too

I highly recommend an internship with TheeDigital. It’s the best I’ve ever had, and I trust it’ll be the best internship you’ll ever have too. If you’re interested in applying for the digital marketing internship, contact TheeDigital!