Leslie - Marketing Manager

Leslie Vegter

Senior Marketing Manager

About Leslie

Leslie is a huge fan of marketing. She received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Arizona State University and has been in honing in on her marketing career ever since.

In 2006, Leslie relocated to the Triangle and was the Director of Marketing for a real estate website design and online marketing firm, initiating her skills specifically in internet marketing. In November 2015, Leslie joined TheeDigital as a Marketing Manager. Since joining, she has become a tremendous resource for her clients and team. Her ability to communicate with clients, understand their needs, and help them reach their goals is her quest for each day.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Client Relations
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Marketing Consulting
Lead Generation
Content Marketing & Strategy

Google Ads
Branding & Positioning
Digital Strategy

Outside TheeDigital

One could call Leslie a, “friends aficionado.” She is enthusiastic about getting together with friends locally as well as friends who live outside of the Triangle area.

Leslie loves cats and is always trying to encourage somebody to rescue a stray or shelter animal. She also enjoys going to see live music, seeking out the best restaurants, boating, and tinkering with new recipes in the kitchen.

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