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A responsive site is important so that it adapts to different screen sizes, including those of tablets and smartphones. 

More than half of Americans have a smartphone or mobile device, which means if your website doesn’t cater to mobile users, you are losing site traffic and potential customers. A non-responsive website is distorted, difficult to read, and less likely to be engaged with. Mobile-friendly websites increase user experience and conversions.

Advantages of a Responsive Web Site

Since so many people view websites on mobile and tablet devices, whether or not a website is mobile-friendly has become one of the largest marketing and conversion factors in recent years. Here are a few reasons:

  • Practically 80% of the web’s traffic is from mobile users.
  • Mobile-friendly websites maintain their structure regardless of screen size so that your content is always easy to read and your contact information is visible.
  • Because of their adaptiveness, responsive sites have more longevity than other sites.
  • Google gives higher rankings to mobile-friendly websites.
  • Since only one site needs to be developed, it is a much more cost-effective approach to site building.
  • Users can participate much better with responsive sites, therefore increasing your conversion rates by default.

Web Design that Accommodates All Devices

The type of web design that will get your site the most traffic is one that people can easily view no matter what kind of digital accessory they are using to view it.

Rather than building several different versions of your site, our experienced web designers can create one seamlessly transformative site that will read beautifully no matter which way you look at it.

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