Los Angeles SEO Agency / Search Engine Optimization

TheeDigital is an SEO agency providing organic optimization services such as local, nationwide and ecommerce search engine optimization in the Loas Angeles area of California.

One of the most important aspects of web design and internet marketing is ensuring your business or organization’s website is easily found in search engines. After all, the days of searching for services in the Yellow Pages are long past. Now, your targeted audience is looking to the internet for information, reviews, and to compare competitors. If you have an ecommerce site, it’s even more important to rank high in search engines if you’re trying to compete with Amazon and countless other online stores.

In order to get a high Google ranking, your website needs search engine optimization, or SEO. Whether you have a small start-up or a large business, TheeDigital can help. We serve organizations in Los Angeles and the surrounding cities including West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Glendale, or Santa Monica. Our internet marketing agency has a team of SEO experts who know exactly what Google, Bing, and other search engines require from top-ranking websites. Using that expertise, we implement a strategy tailored to rank highest in search results using the keywords your customers are searching for.

How Does SEO Work?

Google and other search engines have precise algorithms that crawl through websites, scoring them on over 200 separate factors, from keyword usage and relevancy to site speed and organization. Google weighs each factor differently. Keyword usage, site structure, and mobile optimization are a higher priority than, for example, image descriptions. The algorithms score websites so when someone searches a specific keyword, the most relevant, optimized page comes up first, followed by the second-highest score for that keyword, and so forth. One factor that often goes ignored is the need for fresh, updated content. Google, and other search engines, seek new content on websites, which is where blogging and adding new pages can ensure a business maintains its top rank.

How to Create Effective SEO Content in Los Angeles?

If you’re seeking to be highly visible in your industry and drive organic traffic to your website, you have to be a top-ranking result. That’s why it’s crucial to make SEO a part of your internet marketing strategy. TheeDigital specializes in crafting optimized content that will launch your Los Angeles business to the top of search results by doing a deep-dive into your website to look for the best opportunities to improve your SEO.

Our Los Angeles SEO Firm Can Optimize Your Website by:

  • Thoroughly researching and auditing your industry and competition.
  • Leveraging local optimization to target customers in your area.
  • Determining keywords associated with your products or services
  • Designing an optimized website with fast load speeds and an intuitive layout
  • Optimizing videos and images on your site to improve user experience
  • Continually adding valuable, relevant content to your website
  • Adding internal links and building high-quality backlinks

Optimize Your Website to the Top of Search Engines

Our SEO agency is hyper-focused on helping all types of businesses and organizations increase their visibility. Our services will lead to higher revenues and sales through organic traffic. We want to help you achieve the success you deserve through an optimized website that both Google AND your customers will love!