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Allen Muncy

Web Developer

About Allen

Allen is a developer with a passion for digital technology in the marketing space. He received his B.A. in Marketing from Valdosta State University, and since then has focused on how to integrate marketing with the latest in technology to help businesses reach their ideal customers. He focuses on building sites that are usable, convert customers, and show up when people a searching for solutions.


Web Development
Responsive Web Development

Onsite Search Engine Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
Site Architecture

Third-Party Site Integrations
Site Speed Optimization
Site Reliability Assurance

Outside TheeDigital

Allen enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants; his rule of thumb while on the road is never eat somewhere in a new city that you could eat at home. He also enjoys exercise, reading books on economics, philosophy, & personal development, and toying with new technology.

Photos of Allen

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