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The Shed Depot of NC

PPC and Marketing for a Shed Construction Company

225% Increase in Traffic from Paid Search
44X Increase in Email Traffic
149% Increase in Mobile Users


The Shed Depot of North Carolina is a locally owned and operated builder and dealer with multiple locations in the state. What separates this client from their competitors is that they not only sell high-quality shed but they also build them as well. This allows them the ability to completely customize their sheds to any need and/or desire from their clients.

Their old website was outdated for both appearance and functionality. Their new website not only looks modern and functions perfectly, but also loads super quickly on all devices, including mobile. This speed helps not only with an enjoyable user experience, but also helps improve search engine rankings.

Shed Depot of NC Before Screenshot
Shed Depot of NC After Screenshot


Before the redesign, The Shed Depot had an outdated site (seen to the left). They needed an updated website that would better position their business to grow to compete with the many options consumers have when purchasing these buildings.

Their existing website was difficult to navigate and wasn’t converting sales to their expectations. Partnering with the team at TheeDigital was a great step in not only working with them to discover their needs, and also learn the challenges of their specific business to better help us design a site to solve these issues.


The new Shed Depot site has a modern design with much thought put into the organization of the site’s navigation and user experience. The ability for the customer to fully design and customize their building is the icing on the cake. Even today, they’ve experienced a 28% increase in conversions over last year, and the average sale is $6,000.

PPC for Shed Construction Company
Custom Web Design for a Shed Building Company
Mobile Friendly Web Design for a Shed Building Company
Responsive WordPress Design for a Shed Building Company
SEO and Marketing for a Shed Building Company
PPC and SEO for a Shed Building Company
Marketing and PPC for a Shed Building Company
Responsive Design and PPC for a Shed Manufacturing Business

Custom WordPress Website

Using WordPress, our development team was able to create a stunning design that was easily optimized to attract potential customers. The WordPress platform is not only fast-loading and completely responsive but super easy to maintain and update, without having to have any understanding of HTML or any other nerdy computer programming skills.

When we were done building their new site, we trained the team at The Shed Depot all of the things they need to know in order to make simple corrections, add photos and content, and anything they needed to know to take control of their site.

Having the ability to add or edit their content content allows this client to be able to pivot and keep ahead of their competitors.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for a Shed Building Company

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With so many different portable devices on the market today, it’s important to work with a web development company that understands the principle of a “mobile-first” design approach. Responsive design means so much more than just a website having the ability to properly display at various browser widths.

TheeDigital’s team of talented web designers and developers design all of their sites to be “thumb friendly,” which means that all buttons, links and navigation can easily be accessed using just a thumb. This attention to detail creates a positive user experience, and helps improve the time spent on your site and improve conversion rates.

Custom WordPress Features for a Shed Construction Company

Showcasing Success Stories

With so much competition in the shed building industry, The Shed Depot needed special features to make the buying process easier for potential customers.

Users are able to fully design and customize every shed that is available to their liking, from colors, roof materials, flooring, and so many other options.

The animation, shown at left, shows some of this amazing feature, and as selections are being made, the cost of the shed is updated in real time. Once all selections have been made and finalized a quote is sent to the sales team to contact the customer and get the shed ordered. It doesn’t get any easier than that, right?

Pay Per Click Advertising for a Shed Construction Company

Pay Per Click Advertising

The Shed Depot of NC was seeking to drive sales and and boost online conversions, and teamed with marketing staff at TheeDigital whom specializes in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to accomplish this feat.

In pay-per-click advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when a user actually clicks on their ad. Although this process sounds relatively simple, doing this successfully requires time and effort, and the hiring of a marketing company, such as TheeDigital, with a proven track record of navigating PPC. As a testament to the marketing efforts of the marketing staff at TheeDigital and PPC, the traffic from paid search for Shed Depot increased by a staggering 225.17%*.

*12/17/2019-12/16/2020 VS 12/16/2018-12/16/2019

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