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Learn how our expert web designers helped Ruston Paving, a paving company on the East Coast, refresh its web presence with a custom WordPress web design.

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Ruston Paving has been providing the United States East Coast with top-quality painting services since 1943. The company’s first office was in Syracuse, NY, and they have since expanded to Virginia and North Carolina. The website, however, has not kept up with their 21st-century goals and ideals. With modernized practices like asphalt recycling, and expanded operations up and down the East Coast, the website remained stuck in the past and does not reflect the company’s updated outlook.

After meeting with our expert web designers, Ruston Paving knew that the way forward was with a modern website that reflected the company’s branding and values. We set to work designing a site that was mobile-responsive, adapted to modern best practices, and maintained the brand and tone that had made Ruston Paving so successful over the last seven decades.

The Challenge

While Ruston Paving itself has moved into the 21st century with their focus on recycling asphalt and using modern techniques, its website was stuck in the past. With a non-mobile design and a cluttered interface, it was difficult to use for desktop consumers and nearly impossible for mobile users.

In addition, the site was not well-designed to lead consumers down the path towards conversion. All of this put together meant that when Ruston Paving did get visitors, they found it difficult to convert, which lost the company business.

The old blog was a separate site on, meaning that site visitors would have to move off the main site in order to read the newest news and information. This is not best practice and ended up bleeding visitors off-site unnecessarily.

Finally, Ruston Paving was looking for a design that emphasized its seven divisions and the divisions’ areas of operation. The old site lacked the functionality to do this, and that meant that an integral part of Ruston Paving’s flexibility was wasted by poor design.

The Solution

TheeDigital’s first task in creating a new web presence for Ruston Paving was understanding what the company wanted to emphasize about its services and locations. Once this initial meeting and orientation finished, our web designers went to work on a mobile-friendly responsive design that emphasized the important parts of their branding and divisions.

This involved some unique design challenges for our production staff, as the new website needed to make paving exciting, modern, and green, three things that are usually not associated with parking lot paving. We accomplished these tasks through a variety of visual choices, including designing the buttons to be shaped more like Ruston Paving’s logo, designing the fields to be diagonal so as to emphasize Ruston’s modernity, and choosing green for recycling-related buttons to emphasize green company choices.

Added together with our modern and easy to use WordPress backend, Ruston Paving could finally have a site in which it could take pride and demonstrate its modernity. In addition, we added an integral blog, meaning that Ruston Paving does not have to link externally to its own blog.

Ruston Paving - New WordPress Website

The Result

Ruston Paving’s new website is well-branded and focuses on the company’s core competencies to aid visitors in their journey towards filling out a contact form. Front and center is the Ruston logo, a highly recognizable shorthand for competence after over seven decades of paving work. Immediately after that is a button prompting users to view where the different divisions are, focusing in on one of Ruston’s key differentiating factors: range of operation. Scrolling down further brings brand-shaped buttons, the modern diagonal fields, and an interactive service area map. This new design is easy to navigate and focuses on what makes Ruston Paving different and great.

With the help of TheeDigital’s expert web designers, what was once a dated web presence has been updated to reflect the modernity and good service that Ruston Paving delivers to their customers.

The New Website

Ruston Paving Website Design

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