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New Website for a Pharmaceutical Research Organization

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Premier Research is dedicated to providing bio-pharmaceutical companies and medical device developers the opportunity to ensure the effectiveness and efficacy of life-saving and life-improving treatments and therapies. 

When our team met with Premier Research, the primary concern was a website that was pulling in more prospective employees than clients. Plus, we found their existing website didn’t reflect their leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry nor their innovation in medical science.   

The goal was to build a custom website that not only drew in leads for new clients rather new team members while using their website to build loyalty with their existing and previous clients by keeping them up-to-date with the latest information and developments taking place at Premier Research.

Custom WordPress Features for Pharma Industry
Custom WordPress Features for Pharma Company


Premier Research needed to be seen as a pioneer and a leader in the medical and pharmaceutical industries while also increasing their visibility to prospective clients. Specifically, they wanted to reach clients who were seeking a leading team to conduct clinical research and trials or an advocate to aid in navigating complicated regulations and legal issues. 

In order to reach their goals, we needed to overcome three key challenges brought by their current website:  

  • Traffic was primarily coming from prospective employees;
  • Content was focused more on challenges their clients faced rather than the solutions Premier Research could provide;
  • Too slow to load and not optimal for mobile use


TheeDigital was able to build a new, responsive website that integrated their design ideas with their marketing automation to ensure that visitors were guided to the information that was most relevant to their needs. Additionally, their new site reflects the solutions they offer their clients, highlighting the multiple services they provide to bio-pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as creating a highly visible resource center that allows visitors to learn more about regulations, laws, and the clinical trial process.

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Custom WordPress Website

When our team met with Premier Research, they knew what they want and had a design plan in place. They needed a development and design team who would implement that design while integrating it into their their existing Pardot marketing automation and lead management software through the WordPress platform. 

Keeping their challenges and objectives in mind, we got to work creating separations in how employment leads were directed to the website compared to how the content was seen by prospective clients. Using Pardot, we programmed dynamic content, meaning content that was related or personalized based on who the user is or where they came from. We also created landing pages for client access and regulations to ensure smoother navigation.

resource center

Establishing a Position of Authority

Choosing a company to provide clinical research and trials is not a small feat, and Premier Research needed to highlight what sets them apart. We achieved this with a comprehensive Resource Center that provided their white papers, case studies, and webinars in one location while offering three different filters to make it easy for leads and existing clients to find the information they needed. Visitors can search the resource database by area of expertise, by functional area or by type of resource.


Enhanced User Experience

By creating dynamic content, visitors to the website got the exact information and experience they were looking for – prospective leads got an introduction to Premier Research while people seeking career opportunities were directed to information on career openings and other information. 

How did this affect Premier Research? A 37 percent increase in Average Session Duration and an eight percent decrease in Bounce Rate showed that when people arrived at Premier Research’s website, they stayed longer and were navigating through the website at a higher rate. This led to greater conversions and improved success!

Premier research careers page

Attracting the Best Minds in the Industry

While the goal of the new website was to bring in more clients, we didn’t want to cut off prospective employees. We created an informative career page with multiple filtering options and integrated it with JobVite API to provide a smooth, seamless application process.

connect with us on mobile

Modern Design Features

Pharmaceutical and medical companies want to work with pioneers and innovators in the field and we wanted Premier Research’s design to evoke that feeling. In addition to layered, three-dimensional elements, we also included micro-animation throughout the site. For example, in the Connect with Us section at the bottom of the home page, we placed a spinning earth to highlight that they are a global company who works with clients from all over the world.

Premier research gated content

Capturing High Quality Leads

While the Resource Center is an excellent source of information that also ensures Premier Research stands out as an authority and leader in the industry, we created gated content for some of the higher-end white papers. In order to access it, the reader must fill out a Gravity Form which facilitates inbound lead captures. This allows Premier Research to follow up with high-interest visitors, provide high-quality content, and nurture those relationships.

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