Phoenix Fire Protection, Inc.

Phoenix Fire Protection is an industry leading fire protection system provider. TheeDigital designed and developed a modern website for the company that is easily manageable and accurately showcases its service portfolio.


Phoenix Fire Protection, Inc. is an industry leader in designing, installing, and maintaining fire protection systems. The company services military, commercial, and residential buildings, and receives many leads from returning clients for future work.

The previous website was designed and developed in 2009. The graphical, fire-inspired background and flash videos quickly dated the look of the site. Phoenix Fire Protection’s staff was unable to login to change information on the website, so as the years went on, more and more of the website information was out of date or incorrect.

Phoenix Fire Protection sought out TheeDigital to create a new website that better reflected the quality and the skill set the company provides its customers. The old, out-of-date site was harming the business, rather than helping it to drive revenue.


The Challenge

The look of Phoenix Fire Protection’s old website was a deterrent to potential customers. The layout made it difficult for people to navigate and find the details of the services. The site had Adobe Flash videos on it, which became broken over time as technology upgraded, ultimately rendering them unviewable on Apple devices. In addition, the old website was not responsive, so viewing it on a tablet or smart phone meant that users had to do a lot of scrolling to look around the site. To top it all off, the copyright on the footer was 2009, so some visitors may have wondered whether or not the company was still in business.

The Solution

TheeDigital developed a clean, streamlined website without the distracting fire graphics in the background. Our team of WordPress website designers drafted a chart to re-organize the content in a logical format that was sorted by categories, so users could easily find all the data. The new design was developed with the practice of “mobile first” in mind, to be responsive and adjust to any screen size.


The Challenge

The biggest challenge Phoenix Fire Protection faced was the inability to make updates to the website content. As services, functionality, and past projects evolved over the years, new information was unable to be updated to the site by the staff. In other words, the company could not edit its own website.

There were also typos on the old website, along with poor phrasing that was unable to be fixed. These errors reflected poorly on the company, diminishing its professionalism and reputation.

The Solution

We developed a new website using WordPress. This allows Phoenix Fire Protection’s staff to update content, images, and videos on the website easily at any time.

Our marketing copywriting team created new content for the new website. We interviewed Phoenix Fire Protection’s team to determine the proper brand voice and tone; and the optimal way to interact with customers for ensuring the language used on the new website properly reflects the brand.

Phoenix Fire Protection Website Redesign

The Results

TheeDigital utilized an expert development team, who lent their knack for designing award-winning websites, and combined it with the effectiveness of our inbound marketing pros to help Phoenix Fire Protection establish a more modern and savvy home on the internet. Gone are the outdated flames, broken videos, and inaccurate data. The new site is both easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. There are dedicated pages for featured services, employees, and past projects, which can all be updated with fresh content by the Phoenix Fire team. Phoenix Fire now has a relevant website that resonate with its customers and can be kept up-to-date for years to come.

Executive Bios

On the previous website, the biographies for the executives of Phoenix Fire Protection were mixed into the About Us page content. The details were only written out in plain text and did not include any imagery.

On the new website, we designed a special page to feature the images, background, and quote for each executive. Since the new site is built on WordPress, the Phoenix Fire Protection staff can update or add more team members to this section as the staff grows, without requiring the assistance of a web developer.


Phoenix Fire Team Biography

Project Portfolio

Phoenix Fire Protection is proud of the work it has done for clients, and wanted to showcase some of the past project highlights on the new website.

We custom built a page for adding descriptions and images about completed projects. Our custom programmers configured WordPress to automatically adjust to display the correct number of photos — whether one or three are added, it would show accordingly on the page.


Phoenix Fire Project Portfolio

Phoenix Fire Protection's New Website

Phoenix Fire New Homepage