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Hamby Family Dental Center was voted the best dentist in Fuquay Varina, NC due to their commitment to providing comprehensive, high-quality dental care from children’s checkups and preventative care to complex restorative and cosmetic treatments. 

Their reputation is for excellent patient care in a warm, friendly environment, but we discovered that their existing website didn’t offer the same kind of experience they offer in person. Their website was difficult to navigate with slow-loading pages, and it wasn’t optimized for mobile use, which turned away prospective patients and limited their growth. 

Their website and message needed to reflect their commitment to patient care, so the goal was to build a website that offered a great user experience by being mobile friendly and easy to use with a modern but personable aesthetic. After launching their new website, we focused on increasing visibility and growth through ongoing marketing and SEO services

Dental office website development home page


Hamby Family Dental Center offers innovative dentistry services and has been voted as a top dentist in the Raleigh area, but their website didn’t reflect that. They were struggling to attract new patients but they were practically invisible in search engine rankings. The three main challenges were that the existing website wasn’t mobile-responsive, was slow to load, and had a clunky, outdated design.

These issues were causing their SEO rankings to suffer, and the clients who did visit their site had a frustrating experience and weren’t scheduling appointments, so we got to work to turn this around.


Using WordPress, our development team was able to create a stunning design that focused on their greatest need, a mobile-friendly design that could inform existing and attract new patients. The new homepage is well organized, easy to ready, and was designed for speed and efficiency on mobile devices. The change resulted in a noticeable increase in Hamby Family Dentistry’s mobile traffic.

Dental office website development home page
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TheeDigital has been wonderful to work with! From the very beginning they have been there to guide us, keep us up-to-date on what’s working and what isn’t. Whether by phone call or a personal visit to our office, we know they are there to make our website top notch! We have worked with them for a number of years and have never been disappointed!

Picture of Doctor Hamby of Hamby Family Medicine

Dr. Mike P. Hamby, DDS, PA
Hamby Family Dentistry

Hamby dentistry website on a laptop on a desk

Custom WordPress Website & Digital Marketing

When we sat down with the folks at Hamby Family Medical Center, we mapped out a design plan that would increase search engine results to make them more visible while making sure that visitors would not only stay on the page, engagement and relationship building would occur onsite and would lead to more booked appointments.

Hamby dentistry Map

Discovery from a Local Audience

Fuquay-Varina is a smaller suburb of Raleigh, but there’s a lot of competition. In order to improve visibility within their target market, our marketing team made local SEO a top priority and continues to focus on it with regular blog posts and website improvements. As a result, the majority of traffic to Hamby Family Dentistry’s site comes from the Fuquay-Varina area and surrounding communities.

hamby dentistry website on multiple devices

Gorgeous on Every Device

While their original website was nearly impossible to use on a cell phone, our development team knew mobile functionality had to be a top priority. We created a design that blended a clean, attractive aesthetic that would look great and be easy to use, no matter what device was accessing the site.

hamby dentistry website on phone in hands

The Information You Need In One Click

Dental centers’ websites tend to have a lot of information, from payment plan policies to individual service pages. If visitors can’t find the information they need quickly, they’ll leave, so we mapped out a site that made it easy for first-time users to find what they needed and book appointments all within one or two clicks.


One-Step Lead Capture

Instead of the usual “contact us” form, we wanted to take it one step further to ensure conversions and eliminate any doubt as to what the “next step” of the visitor’s journey would be. That’s why we chose a custom appointment request form and established well-defined calls to action to encourage visitors to book appointments on site.

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