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Custom Web Design for a Nonprofit
FEA Ministries

WooCommerce and Mobile-Friendly Web Design for Nonprofit Religious Organization

40% Increase in Site Traffic After Launch
29.28% Increase in Organic Site Traffic
62.27% Increase in Mobile Traffic


FEA Ministries is a Christian church organization that has been reaching people since 1946. Headquartered in Florida, FEA Ministries partners with a number of domestic Christian organizations in the US and they sponsor a vast network of international missionaries that travel the world spreading messages in dozens of countries.

Custom Web Design for Nonprofit Religious Organization


FEA Ministries came to us with four separate, but related websites. Their previous websites all served different purposes and held separate URLs. The challenge was combining each site by reorganizing the pages and content to live under one URL. To make things more challenging, FEA Ministries needed user-friendly donation and registration features, ecommerce functionality, and the ability to seamlessly manage the content all on their own.


FEA Ministries now has a responsive website that makes it easy for partners, donors, and interested parties to interact with the site. The website successfully consolidates the previous four websites in one place. TheeDigital delivered a solution that met all of FEA Ministries’ criteria of being user-friendly, easy to manage, and aesthetically pleasing.

WooCommerce Site for Nonprofit Religious Organization
SEO and Marketing for Nonprofit Religious Organization
Mobile Friendly Web Design for Nonprofit Religious Organization
Responsive Design for Nonprofit Religious Organization
WordPress Development for Nonprofit Religious Organization
Responsive Web Design for Nonprofit Religious Organization

Custom WordPress Website

TheeDigital designed and developed a modern, easy-to-navigate, responsive WordPress website with all the donation/registration features and ecommerce functionality built in. The content was carefully organized under four main menu tabs that represent the four previous websites, now integrated into one. The utilization of WordPress allows FEA Ministry staff members to make all necessary content updates site-wide. WordPress gives FEA Ministry staff members the ability to properly organize and manage all received donations, contact form and newsletter submissions, embedded social media accounts, and products sold through the site.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for Nonprofit Religious Organization

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With today’s advanced technology, more people are using different browsers and portable devices to consume their web content. Hiring a web development team that understands this point is more imperative than ever.

The team at TheeDigital not only ensured that the new FEA Ministries site would display perfectly on all browsers and devices, but they also focus on the user experience as well. With so much of the population using portable devices, and navigation with one hand, this means that all links and buttons need to be larger and designed with the ability for a user to navigate using just a thumb. This is what it means to have a “thumb-friendly” website.

Special Features for a Nonprofit Religious Organization

Special WordPress Features

We wanted to improve conversions by making it easy for readers to find ministries on the new site. We accomplished this feat by adding a “Find Ministries” button in the navigation on every page on the site. Large and easy to click, even on mobile devices, the addition paid dividends as within three months of launching the new site, FEA Ministries experienced a 40% increase in website traffic!

Also, as part of the link, it’s also super easy to not only find ministries around the world but to get more insight and even make online donations.

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