PPC Management for Pest Control Companies

Drive qualified traffic to your website.
Use pay-per-click advertising to target relevant messages to the right people at the right time.

As an exterminator, one of the best parts of your job is seeing the look of relief and gratitude on your customers’ faces when you say, “Don’t worry about your infestation, I’ve got this.” They get the satisfaction and security of knowing that a specialist is on the job and that everything will be all right.

So when you attempt your own business marketing and advertising only to get bad results or no new customers, why would you blame yourself? You aren’t an advertiser or a marketer, you’re in pest control – leave the specialty to the specialist. TheeDigital has 12 years of experience in marketing and pay-per-click advertising, and our specialty is pest control.

Pest Control PPC Advertising: What is it?

PPC, pay-per-click, or paid search is a method of getting potential customers to go to your website, set up an appointment, get a quote, call your offices or a number of other actions. You’ve probably seen some PPC ads on Google, Facebook, or other kinds of social media, with “Sponsored” or “Ad” next to the title. These PPC ads that show up in your Facebook feed or your Google searches aren’t put there randomly, they’re based on what you search for on Google and what places you visit on the internet.

Essentially, PPC is a way of making sure that the customers you want are seeing your name come up first when they search for the pest control services that you provide – you get the right calls from the right customers quickly. The reason this method of advertising is called “pay-per-click” is because you only pay for the ad when a potential customer clicks on the link.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Management

Improve Targeting Accuracy

Target your audience with greater accuracy and tailor campaigns to specific segments

Get The Leads That Convert

Capture attention when people search to generate high quality leads that convert

Boost Your Competitiveness

Outbid competitors — Gain a tactical advantage against competitors

Reduce CPA & Maximize ROI

Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA), increase revenue, and maximize ROI

Entrust TheeDigital with your Pest Control Company’s PPC Management

TheeDigital’s marketing experts can help you garner more business leads regardless of your target market. If you are an pest control company targeting residential or business customers, the PPC experts at TheeDigital have the knowledge to adjust your bid strategy and keyword campaigns for optimal performance.

Google AdWords Certified Specialists

Premier Google Partner, TheeDigital of Raleigh NC
For more than 12 years, TheeDigital has helped pest control companies achieve their marketing goals by understanding the business needs and applying expert knowledge of PPC to help our valued accounting clients grow their business. As a Premier Google Partner, TheeDigital marketers are Google Ads certified. This designation shows the commitment TheeDigital has for delivering quality PPC performance and our ability to use the AdWords service to the fullest.

Your Pest Control Company’s PPC Ad Management Quality

You can be sure that your Pay-Per-Click campaigns are monitored daily by the most qualified digital marketing team in the Raleigh area. TheeDigital does not believe in the “set it and forget it” philosophy. We believe in actively monitoring the ad accounts to ensure optimal performance.

PPC Management for Pest Control Companies

In 2004, TheeDigital began providing expert web development and design and SEO services. In addition, we have provided PPC services to exterminators and pest control companies in Raleigh and the Greater Triangle since that time.