Asheboro Web Design Agency

TheeDigital is an award-winning web design agency providing custom WordPress website development and effective SEO services in the Asheboro area.

TheeDigital is an award-winning web design company serving the entire Asheboro area, including Archdale, Kernersville, Thomasville, and Salisbury.

We specialize in responsive web design that works on mobile and tablet devices as well.

Most Americans use a smartphone or mobile device to perform web searches, so if your website isn’t adaptive to different screen sizes, you could be losing customers.  People don’t want to waste their time navigating a site that is difficult to manage or understand.  If your site is responsive, users will be able to better engage with what you have to offer.

Advantages of Mobile-Friendly Web Design

  • Nearly 80% of all internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets.
  • Mobile-friendly websites keep their dimensions, which ensures that site content is clear, easy to read, and easy to find.
  • Responsive sites last longer because they don’t need to be resized according to new developing screen sizes.
  • Google will rank adaptive websites higher than websites that are not responsive.
  • They are cost-efficient, compared with developing multiple websites to conform with each type of device.

Responsive Web Design Agency in Asheboro

Our experienced web designers can develop a responsive website for your company, providing your business with an advanced website that responds to the screen size and orientation of the user’s device.

Instead of building a multitude of websites to accommodate to each type of device, our single and simple mobile-friendly solution is the most cost-efficient approach of ensuring your website is easy to read, has increased conversions and Google rankings across all possible devices. Our web designers use advanced CSS coding techniques and design principles, such as flexible image sizes, fluid grids, and progressive media queries.