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Web Design for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company

Web Development for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company


Par4Success is a golf fitness and performance company in Raleigh, NC. They provide individualized golf improvement services for juniors, seniors, professional golfers, and anyone looking to improve their overall golf performance, flexibility, and strength.

They came to TheeDigital seeking a better user experience for their current and future customers.

Their new website was not only better designed, but it was also optimized to load quickly on all devices, and this streamlining resulted in an increase in rankings on search engines.

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Par4Success After Screenshot


Par4Success’ new website is clean, modern, and easy to navigate. From the homepage, website visitors can easily choose the golf improvement services that fit their goals and needs. They can also view upcoming classes, workshops, and additional services – directly on their desktop, tablet or smartphone!

The website showcases their 6,000 sq/ft facility through captivating imagery, allowing golfers to see just how Par4Success will improve their performance, flexibility, and strength which directly leads to distance, consistency, and resilience.

Testimonials, social proof, and calls-to-action are strategically placed throughout the website, ultimately leading visitors to contact Par4Success through either a phone call or the contact form.


Par4Success had an outdated website. It was not mobile-friendly nor was it optimized for the search engines. The homepage was cluttered and it did not represent the high-level quality of golf services that Par4Success provides to its clients.

In order to improve their online presence, Par4Success decided it was time to redesign their website. In addition to a website redesign, they also wanted visitors to easily navigate their golf services and classes, and choose a membership level that fits their specific goals and needs. They contacted TheeDigital, knowing we would be able to help them achieve digital success.

Custom Web Design for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company
Marketing Services for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company
Web Design for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company
Responsive Web Design for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company

What Our Happy Clients Say about TheeDigital

I have been working with Thee Digital for over 5 years now. With their help, my business has increased exponentially and my organic Google ranking has moved to the top for the most important search terms for my business. Do not hesitate to use TheeDigital if you want to have a successful online presence for your business.

Dr. Juan Ortiz
Plastic Surgeon
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Par4Success - WordPress Website Design

Custom WordPress Website

With Par4Success’ digital goals in mind, TheeDigital went to work creating, designing and developing a custom, responsive website that would get them results. Our team decided to use WordPress, an easy-to-use content management system, which would allow Par4Success to update their website membership levels, classes, blogs and images on their own.

We worked directly with the Par4Success team on every phase of the project, ensuring that each page, call-to-action, and image met their exact needs.

Mobile First Design for a Golf Fitness and Performance Company

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With an overwhelming majority of Par4Success traffic coming from mobile sites, we knew the new website had to be more than just a responsive website that reduces the page automatically to fit different browser widths. It has to offer a truly mobile-friendly experience, ensuring it loads quickly, it’s easy to fill out contact forms, and offers an intuitive layout.

At TheeDigital we design our websites with a “mobile-first” approach. Buttons and links are designed to be tapped easily by just using ones thumb. Pages are designed specifically with the user in mind, for each individual page. Having a truly mobile friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to golf students.

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