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Natalie Stainback

WordPress Site and SEO for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Natalie Stainback is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade of experience working with individuals with mental health and substance abuse concerns. Natalie is very passionate about her work and understands that there are no “one size fits all” treatments for her clients, and as such understood the same thing applies to web development. TheeDigital shares that same philosophy in their approach with our customers. Each business is unique and we design our sites taking the customer’s goals and needs in mind.

Responsive Web Design for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Natalie Stainback is a Therapist in the Pineville NC area. She was seeking a company to help make her dream of starting her own therapy practice. Natalie’s vast array of mental health and counseling needed to be portrayed in her new website. She also wanted a site that potential clients could not only read about how she can help, but also easily be able to contact her and schedule appointments.

Like so many other fields in the medical industry, Natalie needed a website that not only looked good, and provided a good user experience for potential clients, but one that is SEO optimized to perform well on all browsers, especially mobile, and rank high with search engines.


Using WordPress, our team built a visually stunning site that offers online booking in various places, including the homepage hero area, and a popup for her patients to easily see available dates and times for appointments.

Custom WordPress Features for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The WordPress platform not only performs well in attracting new customers, but is also super easy to edit and maintain, without having to have any prior computer programming experience.

With every site that TheeDigital makes, we train our customers on how to edit existing content and provide new content. By adding fresh new content, this not only adds value to a website’s readers but also helps improve or maintain search engine rankings.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A “mobile-first” approach to web design is not just a buzzword for the team at TheeDigital, it’s something that we take seriously and is truly where we start our design process. A truly responsive website not only adapts and adjusts to fit each browser width, but also loads quickly on all mobile devices. The term “thumb-friendly” design refers to the ability to navigate a website using a thumb to scroll and click while holding a mobile device with one hand. This site accomplishes this and more by providing large buttons and easy-to-read navigation items. This provides an exceptional user experience for Natalie Stainback’s current and prospective clients.

Custom WordPress Features for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Easy to Find and Schedule Appointments

Being a mental healthcare provider, Natalie Stainback needed the ability for her clients to be able to schedule appointments. The development team at TheeDigital heeded this directive, and added this feature to several areas on her new website. This feature was also also to the homepage in the form of a pretty cool popup.

Making this process as easy as possible not only makes for a better user experience, but also helps increase conversion rates. Having the ability to see available appoints in so many areas of her new website makes it pretty easy, don’t you think?

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