The MPS Society supports and advocates those affected by MPS and ML. Learn how we redesigned MPS Society’s website to empower the organization to effectively promote awareness and raise funding for a cure.


Since 1974, the National MPS Society and its members have been raising money to find a cure for Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) and Mucolipidosis (ML), to support families affected by these diseases, and to increase public and professional awareness. The MPS Society has successfully helped raise millions of dollars towards research grants and funding. However, to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape, MPS Society required a new website to use as a powerful tool rather than a barrier to their success.

TheeDigital migrated MPS Society’s former website over to WordPress, a dynamic content management system. With the help of our innovative web designers and custom developers, TheeDigital transformed the MPS Society’s website into a usable tool that empowers the organization to meet the goal of one day finding a cure for these diseases.

The Challenge

The National MPS Society approached our team with an antiquated website with overwhelming and outdated content. After performing a comprehensive website audit, we worked closely with the team to craft a roadmap for building a unique website tailored to the organization’s needs. Through the process, the client expressed challenges ranging from aesthetic pains to limitations and restrictions in how the site was managed.

The MPS Society had the following requirements for the revamped website:

  • The new website needed to effectively convey important information about MPS and ML and value to multiple audiences, including families, prospective funders, donors, physicians, advocates, and the media, all while staying unique.
  • To accommodate the rapid growth and set the organization up for increased awareness, MPS Society required a responsive website with accessibility for all users and a mobile-friendly design for greater visibility.
  • The new site must be easy to update with a well-organized content management interface for publishing the latest educational reports and updating support resources.

The Solution

The development team got to work with the strategy of designing the MPS Society’s new site to be clean and user-friendly for both the client and the user. TheeDigital aimed to provide the MPS Society with a custom responsive website on the latest version of WordPress with a unique, yet engaging design to meet the organization’s needs.

  • In order for the site to properly communicate and disseminate important information to all of the appropriate audiences in a clear, effective way, the site’s architecture and navigational system needed to be completely restructured.
  • Understanding the need and importance for better site organization and structure, TheeDigital’s web experts re-designed the menu navigation system, complete with a carefully planned set of menus.
  • To ensure that the site met the client’s specific brand standards, the design needed to utilize modern design elements and full screen-width photography to stay unique and engaging.
  • TheeDigital employed custom programming to create a robust, intuitive administrative backend that will allow authorized users to easily update the site’s content.

The Results

Upon landing on the National MPS Society homepage, the first thing you’ll notice is the simple yet striking aesthetics. The sharp, professional design mirrors MPS Society’s own authority and credibility in the industry.

“Our website is now our primary communication vehicle for the public and for our members, and we have over 9,000 supporters in our database,” notes the MPS Society.

Spacious and uncluttered, visitors can easily find the information and solutions that they are searching for. Serving both individuals and organizations, the call-to-action buttons immediately channel visitors to the correct areas of the site.

As beautiful as the site may be, the real magic is the children and families that the MPS Society strives to support. TheeDigital is pleased to be part of the mission towards raising awareness and finding a cure for MPS and ML.

MPS Society Clien From Web Design Agency in Raleigh, NC

Easy to Edit Website Content

ACF Fields MPS

Pages such as the homepage and class description pages feature complex layouts that would be difficult for an average user to reproduce without advanced CSS coding.

Behind the scenes using advanced custom fields, TheeDigital created a friendly user interface where pictures, backgrounds, text, and headlines can be easily updated by anyone with admin privileges.

The pictures will automatically scale with screen size, the text will take on appropriate styling, and of course, it’s all responsive. Design elements shift and stack like magic, allowing the page to look perfect on any device.

No need to hire a programmer to manage the site!

User-Friendly Menu & Navigation

To add even more visual flair to the website, our designers took MPS Society’s standard navigation menu and took it to the next level. Also known as a mega menu, regular drop-down menus are expanded and upgraded to draw attention to the organization’s current program offerings while making a dramatic artistic statement!

On the sub-pages, there are additional sub-navigation menus that help users navigate to the content for which they are looking. The MPS Society now has a functional, informative resource for learning about MPS and ML.

Safe & Secure For Donations

MPS Society’s site features a secure donation page where users can conveniently make an online donation with a credit card.

SSL security isn’t only important on the donation page — the entire site is on HTTPS to give users added protection and peace of mind by ensuring communication between client and server is encrypted and authenticated.

There are other benefits of an SSL secured site. Google has previously announced that SSL security is a positive ranking signal. In addition, Google’s Chrome browser features different visual indicators if a site is secure or not. A green padlock symbol appears in the address bar of a secure site, and on an unsecured site, “not secure” warnings will show on certain form fields. TheeDigital’s SEO experts worked with our designers to ensure a fully secure and SEO-friendly website.

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