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Custom Web Design and SEO for Environmental Education Company
Eastern Technical Associates

Custom Web Design and SEO for an Environmental Training and Consulting Company

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Eastern Technical Associates (ETA) is a world leader in facilitating Visible Emissions Observer Training programs (also known as smoke schools) and opacity consulting services. ETA certifies more regulatory and private industry representatives than any other provider.

TheeDigital’s team of custom WordPress developers met the goal of creating a beautiful website that is responsive and completely mobile-friendly.

Eastern Technical Associates | Before Screenshot
Eastern Technical Associates | After Screenshot


Having been in business for over 35 years, ETA’s website had grown to be outdated and needed a major update (shown at left). The design of the site did not accurately communicate the eminence and stature of the long-established company.

The decades old company relied on a website that was primarily composed of images to deliver their message and portray their business online. Unfortunately, this practice counteracted any SEO value that ETA would have built up from the age of the domain. So, it was important that ETA’s new website be designed with the added value of marketing and searchability.

Not only did the old website utilize outdated web design practices, which led to poor user experience, little optimization for search engines, and virtually zero chance to compete with responsive, mobile sites. ETA also had another separate website. This second website presented problems like user confusion and drastic decreases in SEO impact.

ETA’s challenges required a special kind of web design agency. They didn’t just need a beautiful website — they needed a partner that could help solve their digital challenges, such as being able to easily manage and update the website. ETA needed a web design team to guide them on best practices, and who could bring all the pieces together to compose a compelling story in the level of distinction that ETA has as an opacity and smoke school authority.


Eastern Technical Associates’s newly redesigned website is now modern, cutting edge, and aesthetically pleasing. The site uses responsive web design technology to show on smartphones and tablets. Their new homepage allows them to showcase their rich history and class while competing with industry leaders.

Custom Web Design for an Environmental Training Company
Marketing and SEO for an Environmental Training Company
Custom Mobile-Friendly Wordpress Site for an Environmental Training Company
UX and UI for an Environmental Training Company
Mobile Friendly Web Design for an Environmental Training Company
Web Hosting for an Environmental Training Company
WordPress Development for an Environmental Training Company
Responsive WordPress Design for an Environmental Training Company

Custom WordPress Website

To give ETA a competitive edge online, we decided to build their new website on the content management system, WordPress. This would allow the ETA team to easily update their website as they continued to grow.

We worked hand-in-hand with their team to merge their two sites into one while creating a cutting edge design they would not only be search engine friendly but easy to navigate. Allowing their perspective clients to easily find and signup for their classes from a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

TheeDigital strategized how to have ETA’s second website play nicely and make sense with their original site. Taking user experience and visitor flow into account, TheeDigital made it so that ETA could still use the important content on the secondary website, without it taking away from the official website.

Mobile Friendly Web Design for an Environmental Training Company

Mobile-Friendly Mobile Website

Most web design agencies build responsive websites to look impressive on mobile devices. But just because a website is responsive doesn’t mean that it’s mobile-friendly.

A website can have a stunning design, but if it’s not mobile-friendly, users will be 5x more likely to leave your beautiful website.GoogleNew Window

Pages that are not mobile-friendly can also be demoted in the search results and may even be displayed with a warning — a sure way to deter visitors from your website.

With 94% of mobile users searching for local information on their smartphones, it was crucial for ETA’s local smoke school classes and resources to be visible and easily navigable online.Google

Special WordPress Features for an Environmental Training Company

Providing a Good User Experience

Eastern Technical Associates offers so many services, training, and consulting that it was imperative to showcase these in an organized and easy-to-find way. The developers and web designers at TheeDigital designed a user-friendly page that clearly delineates these these services and also provides a direct line fo communication between the customer and the team at ETA. Providing a good user experience not only makes the customer happy, but also keeps them on the website longer, and will keep them coming back for more.

100/100 mobile friendly

Perfect Score on Mobile Friendliness Score

TheeDigital’s digital marketing pros worked side-by-side with our web developers, making sure that Eastern Technical Associates’ new website passed the test of mobile-friendliness with flying colors.

Having a truly mobile-friendly design means more than just displaying properly on every browser width and different portable device, it also helps improve Google search engine rankings.

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