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110.28% YOY Increase in Traffic
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Capital Business Solutions is a recognized, leader in providing accounting and fundraising software training, consulting and set up for nonprofit businesses. With over 2000 nonprofit clients, they understand the pain points of nonprofit financial management and are experts at getting the most out of your accounting software.

Not only does Capital Business Solutions provide consulting services, but they also build proprietary applications that allow nonprofit accountants to get the most out of their accounting and fundraising software.



Capital Business Solutions BEFORE screenshot
Capital Business Solutions AFTER screenshot


As a national accounting consultant, Capital Business Solutions has always had a tough task of coaxing a small, frugal market in a large marketplace. Their previous website had an outdated design with an overwhelming amount of content that was unorganized and confused prospects.

The website was not easily found in search results, the site wasn’t mobile friendly, and it didn’t have an effective call-to-action for prospective nonprofit organizations. They weren’t getting the quality of leads that they needed to grow. They turned to TheeDigital to help grow their business and identify higher quality prospects.


Solving the issue would take a multi-step process. In order to improve Capital Business Solutions’ conversion rate, TheeDigital would need to first maximize the leads that were currently coming to the website by creating a modern and responsive website design with content focused on driving conversions with clearly defined call-to-actions across the site.

The finals steps were to develop a marketing and content strategy. Utilizing newsletters, targeted search and social media advertising, high quality backlinks and a commitments to building thorough and helful content, TheeDigital has helped Capital Business Solutions grow for nearly a decade.

Our focus on making Capital Business Solutions the go to resource for nonprofit accountants has led to a 110% year over year increase in traffic and a 52% increase in conversions. The client is reporting a much higher quality of lead as their business continues to grow.

Custom Web Design for a Software Consulting Company
Custom Wordpress Features for a Software Consulting Company
Mobile Friendly Web Design for a Software Consulting Company
AdWords Management for a Software Consulting Company
WordPress Development for a Software Consulting Company
SEO and Marketing for a Software Consulting Company

Check Out Their Clutch Review!

“TheeDigital’s efforts have significantly increased the client’s online presence over their eight-year partnership. The team facilitates a smooth workflow through a diligent and detailed approach, communicating efficiently through email. Their understanding of the business is impressive.”

-Bob Schilling VP Sales & Marketing, Capital Business Solutions

Thumb Friendly Mobile Design for Software Consultant

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Website

With so much of society using portable devices, it was a major priority to have a completely responsive website for Capital Business Solutions. That being said, it’s important to choose a web development company that understands this mean more than just displaying properly on all devices and browsers. TheeDigital understands this and purposely designs their sites so that all buttons and links can be navigated using only a user’s thumb.

A truly mobile-friendly site also ensures that it loads quickly, is easy to fill out contact forms, and offers an intuitive layout. Having a truly mobile friendly experience also improves Google search engine rankings, so the website is now more visible to potential clients.

capital business google adwords ads

Google AdWords Management

TheeDigital’s certified Google AdWords experts created custom search ads for Capital Business, focusing on their unique value proposition of one on one training with their industry veterans. Capital Business also has a large amount of valuable video content, so TheeDigital took advantage of this asset and created custom landing pages designed to entice visitors to explore their video training library. For those visitors who don’t sign up the first time around, Capital Business Solutions serves them remarketing ads to remind them to come back again .

Capital Business Solutions SaaS Website Design

Custom Landing Pages

In addition to streamlining Capital Business’ Ads campaigns, their custom landing pages and remarketing ads kept the warm leads coming in steadily. Capital Business has been awarded Elite Advisor status from Abila, and has also been named a Blackbaud Certified Channel Partner.

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