Park Lane Hobbies

Park Lane Hobbies is a family-owned and operated RC hobby shop in Douglassville, PA. Using Shopfiy, they now have a modern ecommerce site to get their online store in front of a younger audience.

Park Lane Hobbies is a brand-new, family owned RC hobby shop in Douglassville, PA. They specialize in RC cars, planes, trucks, and helicopters, and also offer customers a variety of RC vehicles, parts, and accessories.

Park Lane Hobbies needed a website to promote their local RC hobby shop and sell products. Instead of just a web designer, they wanted someone they could continue to consult with on all things digital.

They partnered with TheeDigital to help them build an ecommerce website that would appeal to a younger audience, make inventory and product management easy, and be mobile-friendly.

The Challenge

Since they’re a new business, Park Lane Hobbies needed a brand-new website. Wanting to appeal to a younger audience (a different approach than other hobby shops), they knew that a modern, sleek, user-friendly website was the way to go.

In addition to using the website as a marketing tool for their physical store, Park Lane Hobbies wanted to sell products via their website as well. This presented another challenge: creating an e-commerce store that would handle an inventory of 5,000+ products.

Key Challenges:

  • Needed robust search functionality to help customers quickly find product(s)
  • Wanted the ability to display videos on pages throughout the site, including product pages
  • Needed mobile-friendly design to appeal to a younger demographic and capitalize on mobile shoppers

The Solution

We recommended Shopify as their ecommerce website platform. Shopify’s ecommerce solution is robust enough to handle their products, while offering modern design elements to convert their visitors into customers.

Shopify made organizing their inventory easy and scalable as their store (both physical and online) grows. Park Lane Hobbies can easily add new products and pages as they need, without sacrificing organization or time.

Key Solutions:

  • A Shopify ecommerce website and POS system to connect sales to their inventory management system and scale with their business growth
  • Mobile-friendly design to attract and engage their younger target audience

Park Lane Hobbies' Shopify Website

Park Lane Hobbies' New Shopify Website

Park Lane Hobbies’ new Shopify website captures their spirit and love for RC car building, repair, racing, and everything related to the hobby. The website establishes their physical RC shop in the Douglassville, PA community, while exposing non-local RC enthusiasts to their business.


Using Video to Show RC Cars in Action

Our team used video clips from Park Lane Hobbies to piece together a homepage video that showcases RC electric cars, nitro cars, planes, and helicopters in action.

The quick video loops through cars racing around an indoor track, planes taking off in a field, and cars spinning on the street. It’s engaging and instantly shows off Park Lane Hobbies enthusiasm and love for the hobby.

Shopify Homepage Video

Shopify Ecommerce Product Page

One System to Manage & Process Website & In-Store Orders

Using Shopify POS, we were able to streamline and simplify Park Lane Hobbies’ website and in-store orders. This saves them time and improves productivity because their inventory can all be managed from the backend of their website.

Not only is inventory management simple, but uploading and/or updating products is also easy. Park Lane Hobbies even added products to the website themselves while we were in development!

Browsing & Shopping on Any Device

Young audiences can find Park Lane Hobbies whether they’re on a phone, tablet, laptop, or any device of their choosing. They can browse through their product catalog, learn about upcoming races, or purchase an RC Traxxas Blast Boat through the website.