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Custom Designed WooCommerce Website for a Towing Equipment Company


Hitch Crafter, is a towing equipment seller and manufacturer operating in Lexington, North Carolina. They specialize in selling, installing, and creating standard and custom hitches for pickup trucks, 5th wheels, RVs, car haulers, and more. With over over 22 years of experience in their industry, they’ve built up a reputation for their quality and experience. Despite their success, they wanted to enhance their online presence with an updated website that could process their order demand and generate more leads via e-Commerce.

Understanding the need for an updated website that could efficiently process their online orders, Hitch Crafter partnered with TheeDigital for a custom designed WooCommerce website. Their old HTML website could not process their online orders. They sought a powerful e-Commerce solution that could effectively and attractively promote their online products and generate more leads.

hitchcrafter web page before
hitchcrafter webpage after


Before the custom designed WooCommerce website, Hitchcrafter faced several challenges with their outdated HTML website. The primary issue was the inability to process orders online, which significantly hindered their sales potential. The old site required a complete redesign to modernize its appearance and functionality. Additionally, they needed a shipping API integration for LTL quoting to streamline shipping processes and provide accurate cost estimates for their customers. A crucial feature missing from their old site was a Hitch Finder tool, which would allow customers to easily identify compatible products for their specific vehicles.

Hitch Crafters also aimed to increase lead generation, particularly through enhanced e-Commerce capabilities, to better serve their growing customer base and meet the rising demand for their products.

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We integrated Coyote Logistics, the LTL (less than truckload) service that their third-party API was built for, to aid their shipping quotes. This provides accurate shipping quotes at checkout, eliminating a step in their order process. We also created a new “Hitch Finder” tool that helps customers identify compatible products, reducing order errors and streamlining the process. To make that tool functional we created thousands of additional product variation pages. Additionally, the site features dealer login pricing and specific shipping conditions to meet diverse needs. These enhancements have significantly improved the efficiency of their e-commerce operations, leading to a smoother customer experience and an increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitchcrafter new website
hitch crafters custom woocommerce website

WooCommerce Web Design for Online Store

TheeDigital custom-designed a WooCommerce website for Hitch Crafter, prioritizing efficient and seamless online order processing. Key features include third-party API integration for their shipping quotes and a “Hitch Finder” tool that help customers narrow down what products are compatible with their trucks. Additionally, we incorporated dealer login pricing functionality and shipping conditions to enhance the online shipping and purchase process.

The website was built using a responsive WooCommerce plugin, allowing Hitch Crafter to seamlessly and attractively showcase their online products. The new site has optimized their online ordering process, providing accurate shipping quotes for customers, eliminating order errors, and streamlining the entire order process

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