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Whether you are operating a small, city-based department or a large federal branch of an agency, your mission is to serve the public. In order to do this, your constituents need to be able to find you easily, particularly when they look for you on a search engine.

With search engine optimization (SEO), from TheeDigital, your website is custom designed to be easy to find by your constituents. Whether they need to pay a local fee or apply for service, when they can find you online, it saves both you and them valuable time.

Benefits of SEO for Government Agencies

Increase Visibility

Get found fast by your constituents and rank higher in search engines.

Geographic Targeting

Reach the people in your city, county, or state.

Save Time

When people find you online, they’re able to find what they need on their own.

Build Trust

Be seen as a trusted authority by the public.

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Why Is SEO Important for Government Agencies?

While many people may not think government agencies need SEO, or an agency’s website is already easy to find, this is not the case. City, county, state, and federal governments all have numerous agencies and divisions, and yours could get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, private businesses and even scam sites can attempt to leverage the keywords your constituents are using to find your website and take your traffic.

At TheeDigital, our goal is to get you to the top of the first page of search results so the public finds what they need quickly. However, there are more than 200 factors that affect your ranking, so it takes a dedicated strategy to raise you to the top spot.

seo for government agencies

Why Choose TheeDigital for SEO

While Google and other search engines look at 200 different factors to determine your website ranking, the SEO experts at TheeDigital are well-versed in all of them, particularly those high-priority factors that make a major impact on your ranking. With keyword research, relevant content, and technical SEO that provides an improved user experience, we get clear, measurable results for your government agency. 

Whether you are serving a city, county, or you’re a federal agency attempting to connect nationally, our goal is the same: to have the public come directly to your website to get information and connect to services they need.

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