Marketing Mulligan

Need a PPC Marketing Mulligan?

If your last agency shanked it, let us take another swing. You know how mulligans work:

  • We take another shot at it
  • You choose which shot to play
  • No penalty assessed

Try Us 100% Risk-Free

Here’s Precisely What We Propose


We create a brand new Google Ads account for you, free of charge.

  • With a fresh account, we don’t need to ask your current agency for access. We can keep this little experiment a secret for now if you’d like.
  • Just tell your agency you want to pause your ads temporarily. They’re still probably charging you a management fee, but we’re not. No cost or risk to you.
  • We’re about to do a LOT of work for you for free. We’re crazy enough to build a whole campaign for free, but not crazy enough to revamp your existing account on the off chance you choose to stick with your old agency.

After One Month, It’s Decision Time.

  • Impressed? Stick with us. (See Pricing)
  • Underwhelmed? You’re free to go and owe us nothing. Greg will feel a deep sense of shame, but that’s not your problem.

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We All Deserve a Mulligan. Seriously, It’s 2020

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Yup. Google It.

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Your PPC Performance

We Can’t Fix 2020, But At Least We Can Turn Your Marketing Around

Take a Mulligan

Realistic Outcomes of Your Mulligan

fairway shot

We Crush It, Right Down the Middle

That was the plan. Welcome aboard. Cheers to a long, profitable relationship!

in the rough

Not Too Shabby,
It’s a Wash

You’ve got a decision to make. (Note: We didn’t really have a chance to warm up yet.)

in the sand

In the Bunker

Occasionally Greg misses the fairway on his first shot too. He’s got a mean sand game though. (Who is Greg?)

Greg PPC Manager

Hi! I’m Greg, Your Senior PPC Strategist

I like golf. I love PPC.

I’ve been doing PPC for over 15 years. My hair was brown when I started. Now it’s gray.

I’m not a junior account manager (like the one your agency handed you off to as soon as you signed).

My boss told me I was crazy to gamble with a risk-free trial, but I was adamant:

“Gambling implies there’s luck involved,” I said (with noticeable attitude). So they let me take a swing at it.

Talk to Me About PPC

One Month Free Trial

Simple, Transparent Pricing$500/mo and 10% of ad spend

For example, if your ad spend was $10,000/mo, your management fee would be $1500/mo ($500 + 10% of $10k).

Why Does the Management Fee Increase With Ad Spend?

That is a valid question. Much of the ongoing optimization of your ad account involves making small adjustments that yield small improvements. These adjustments come from split tests and experiments that take time to execute. It comes down to scale. If you are spending tens of thousands of dollars per month on PPC and getting tens of thousands of clicks, experiments that yield small statistical improvements can have a big impact on your bottom line. That is time well spent. For advertisers with much smaller budgets, it is better to keep a reasonable management fee than to spend countless hours making optimizations that yield small scale results.

Since we are being frank, it is also a good incentive for both of us. The only way you’d ever increase your budget was if your account was successful, right? We share the same goal – growing your account and your business.

Our Core Values

Focus on
Client Success
create money making web properties
work smarter,
not harder
love what you do,
do what you love
Respect Deadlines
find solutions,
not excuses
Transparent Communication
accessible to clients and each other

Schedule a 30 Min Call With Me

Or feel free to give me a ring right now at (919) 341-8901.