Therapy Network Seminars

Therapy Network Seminar's updated healthcare website is built on WordPress and showcases their upcoming workshops and classes.


Therapy Network Seminars is a leader in physical rehabilitation education. Comprised of some of the nation’s leading clinicians, researchers, and educators throughout the United States, Therapy Network Seminars’ goal is to advance the knowledge of patrons in the field of physical therapy through educational offerings, including in-person interactive educational programs.

The Challenge

The challenge for Therapy Network Seminars was that their website needed an update. Not only was the old website looking outdated, but they were having issues with the responsiveness of their last website and the ability to keep the content update. As a continuing education center for Therapists, they needed the ability to easily add and edit content on their website which with their old website that was simply something that they could not do.

How They Found Us

Therapy Network Seminars was looking for a local web design company who could help them create a professional looking and user-friendly website, so they asked their friends. After reviewing some work and asking around, Therapy Network Seminars came to the conclusion that could not find a better company to work with than TheeDigital.

Therapy Network Seminars Healthcare Website

The Result

TheeDigital immediately went to work on a content management system for Therapy Network Seminars. A content management system would allow Therapy Network Seminars to easily update their courses as well give them the ability to update their website easily with pictures, text, or video with ease.


Therapy Network Seminars Healthcare Website