Twitter Reveals New Twitter Header

The new Twitter header gives brands and companies another way to reach their customers and to express what they are truly about.

If you are a Twitter user you might have noticed something different if you have been to the last few weeks.

Raleigh Social Media Twitter Marketing

Just a few weeks ago Twitter launched a new cover image feature that will allow Twitter users the opportunity to add a header to your Twitter profile that will show up at the top of your personal Twitter profile.

The header feature is similar to Facebook’s cover image that was launched earlier in the year and the recommended dimensions for the itare 1200 x 600 with a maximum file size of 5 MB. We’re played around with the design of a few of our clients and we can say that we definitely like it.

The new Twitter header gives brands and companies another way to reach their customers and to express what they are truly about. Before the launch of Twitter header images, the avatar and background was the only way to distinguish your account from everyone else.  The background image though, is not viewable on mobile devices so the only visual element that you had to distinguish yourself on mobile was the Twitter avatar. Now the header image gives you one more element to interact with your audience and describe what your brand is about.

Brands are already using the cover image in cool and different ways. Some brands are using the image to give more life to their already growing fan base.  Local Raleigh dentist office and client Six Forks Smiles (Formerly Glenwood Smiles) uses the cover image to give customers a look into their mobile office.  As Internet Marketers we’re excited to see what else people will come up with the in coming days.

Social Media Goes Mobile

The Twitter redesign gives marketers more real estate to advertise on Twitter’s mobile platform.  When once there was only an avatar and 140 characters, this new feature gives users and community managers another  way to personalize each and every profile.

Twitter understands that its users tend to use their application it on the go through, smartphones and tablet devices, so giving brands another opportunity to advertise to their clients through a header is just another way that they are hoping to reach the growing mobile market.

Already this month Facebook has launched a redesigned mobile friendly app of their social platform and with Google+ also snipping at their heels, Twitter knows it needs to adapt now to the mobile friendly market or get left behind.

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