Raleigh Marketers Index Your Website for You

The Raleigh Internet Marketers at TheeDigital take a look at what it takes to get your web page crawled by Google.

Time it’s always an issue for all of us, we either want more of it or less. This statement is also true about Google and the rate at which they crawl our content on the internet, they either do it too fast or not soon enough.

Raleigh Internet Marketing Specialists

If you’ve ever wondered when your content will be crawled by Google’s spiders and indexed in their search engine, it’s important to know that this can be a tricky question. Google will not publically answer his this question and many webmasters have claimed different answers, some claim to have their content be crawled and indexed in just days, while others have waited for weeks for their stuff to show up in the search engines.

Though we cannot claim a certain time table in which your web content will be crawled, we do know that the following tips will help get your content crawled and indexed quicker by Google’s spiders.

  1. If you are launching a new website, the first thing that you need to do is make sure that your website has been submitted to Google’s WebMaster Tools. This will inform Google of your new website and the pages that are on it.
  2. Make sure that you have links pointing to the new website and pages. Just like trusted links will help your website grow, trusted links will also get the attention of Google and help it be crawled and indexed quicker.
  3. Spread the word of your new web pages through social media. Instead of doing the link building yourself let your followers spread the link through retweets and shared updates.  Enough of these will eventually catch the eye of Google and help you out in the search engines.
  4. Create a Google+ page and make sure that you have Google authorship tied into your website. If you’re already a confirmed author and have some Google Authorship, Google will be sure to crawl every page you write hoping to keep you ranked as a respected figure in your community.
  5. Create a Google+ brand page, for your website and verify it. Make sure it’s connected with your website, through a rich snippet preview.

Remember that there is no sure fire way to get your website to be crawled, but if you follow the above tips your pages will be crawled sooner rather than later.

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