Raleigh’s Top Digital Marketing Team Explained in Cat Memes

Like the rest of the interwebz, we love cats. We also love our awesome team of marketers. Here's TheeDigital's Digital Marketing team described by cat memes.

We’ve got a great team of some of the best web designers, developers, SEO strategists, and digital marketers around. Our team works just as hard (if not harder) than we play, and we love sharing the fun when we can. We hope you enjoy this fun blog that describes our marketing teammates using cat memes!

The marketing team believes in giving credit where it’s due and recognizing when another teammate gets a win. Today, that win came in the form of Lindsey — our branding and content marketing cat — out-ranking a fellow team member, Ryan — our customer service and analytical cat — for a highly competitive accounting term.

We had just watched the infamous “Thug Life” cat video on YouTube, and so the friendly competition was sparked between the two rock star marketers to see who was the top “Marketing Life” cat for that keyword.

thug life cat meme

Luckily, the interwebz are plentiful with marketing-related cat memes. We couldn’t help but notice that some memes described our fellow comrades dead-on, and so the fun began.

seo cat meme

Raleigh’s Best Digital Marketing Team… In Cat Memes

Thee Social Media Cat

Sharon Dawson

queen of social media cat meme

Digital Marketing Coordinator Sharon Dawson

Sharon is one of our longer team veterans. She’s known for her public speaking prowess, which translates into better communication when she’s explaining a bold new marketing concept to clients. Sharon is also the hashtag fanatic of the office and holds reign as our resident social media queen. She even wrote the book on using Pinterest for business!

Thee PPC Wizardry Cat

Gregory Burke

Thee PPC Wizardry Cat meme

Gregory Burke - SEO, SEM and PPC Marketing Specialist at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC

Gregory is one of the few people in the area who has what it takes to be a wizard in AdWords, but also have the analytical skills to provide SEO success, too. His main claim to fame here is PPC, where he’s achieved successes like increasing conversion rates for a local law firm into the double digits! (Bonus: If you like Old Greg, you’ll love our Greg!)

Thee “Google+ of Marketing” Cat

Wilson Schwenke

Thee "Google+ of Marketing" Cat

Wilson Schwenke - Digital Marketing Specialist at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC

Wilson is known as the “Google+” of the Marketing team. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but if you’re familiar with social media at all, you know that Google+ is like the joke of the social networks (all in good fun!). SEOs know it’s not a major player on the social front, yet Google keeps it alive and we know that it’s needed to complete a comprehensive marketing strategy. Wilson’s a talented guy whose expertise range from copywriting to link building. We definitely consider him an essential part of our team!

Thee Lead-Generating Cat

Leslie Vetger

Thee Lead-Generating Cat

Leslie Vegter - Digital Marketing Manager Raleigh

Leslie is known for consistently delivering the good news of an increase in leads to her clients month after month. She’s also a marketing manager whose love for cats puts this cat-filled post to shame! So it only makes sense that a meme about a cat’s particular instinct is perfect for reflecting Leslie’s intrinsic drive to push to get new leads. That’s one of the reasons we love cats so much, and one of the reasons that Leslie is such a valued member of our marketing crew.

Thee Certified Hero Cat

John Bowman

Thee Certified Hero Cat   Thee Certified Hero Cat

John Bowman - Digital Marketing Specialist - TheeDigital

To us, having the courage to serve in the military is quite heroic. John served and protected during his time in the U.S. Army, where he was an Intelligence Analyst. Now, he continues to accrue knowledge and learn new practices in the marketing and SEO space by racking up the certifications (He’s the first one on our team to earn Google’s new Mobile Sites Certification!). Thank you, John, for your service to this country and for helping businesses to prosper with the latest industry knowledge.

Thee Link Juice Cat

Robert Mady

Thee Link Juice Cat

Robert Mady - Digital Marketing Specialist at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC

You know how cats like tuna juice? Well, Robert’s “tuna juice” is links. He’s our go-to link building and outreach guy, and knows all the secrets for getting his clients the best backlinks. He’s also been nicknamed “Violent Rob,” which is ironic, since he’s one of the most mellow cats we know.

Thee Trendy Cat

Greg Hyer

Thee Trendy Cat

Greg Hyer - Digital Marketing Communications Manager at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC

I’m sure you’ve got a friend who always has the latest tech gadgets. On our team, that’s Greg. Greg is always up-to-date on the latest in tech and marketing, like mobile first web design. He’s even got his own podcast, where he dishes on what’s trending in sales and digital marketing. We can count on Greg to share any noteworthy marketing news and help our team stay ahead of the game with his “early adopter” style!

Thee Big PPC Cat In Charge

Wayne Street

Thee Big PPC Cat In Charge

Wayne Street - SEO and PPC Digital Marketing Specialist at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC

Every week, Wayne has a conference call with Google to make sure our Google AdWords accounts are in tiptop shape (One of the perks of being a Google Premier Partner!). He’s our secret weapon in paid search marketing and is a great resource for our team. Wayne’s PPC skills help ensure our clients never feel the frustration that Grumpy Cat is feeling in this meme.

Thee Strategic Cat

Lisa Arrington

Thee Strategic Cat

Search Engine Optimization Specialist Raleigh

Not sure how to add a tracking code to your site, or do you even know which conversions you need to track? Lisa’s that person who will be sure to remind you to put your strategist hat on. Another veteran on TheeTeam and deemed our resident technical SEO gal, Lisa is just as crazy about the strategic, technical details as Lindsey is about grammar!

Thee Grammar Facist & Police Cat

Lindsey Barnes

Thee Grammar Facist & Police Cat

Lindsey Barnes - Digital Marketing Specialist

Lindsey is infamously known for her passionate distaste of using ampersands. During team site audits, she polices the use of “&” and is quick to catch grammar errors. Some of the bigger jokesters on the team playfully add ampersands and wait for her reaction (It’s a bit of an inside joke, at this point). She’s an advocate of brand tone, as well as the Oxford comma — making her a friend in my book! Lindsey’s specialty is copywriting, but her logical approach to SEO and digital marketing makes her a force to be reckoned with. Her recent success in the SERPs for an accountant client displaced Ryan’s, sparking this friendly rivalry to claim the top positions for accounting keywords.

Thee Inbound Marketing Hater Cat

Ryan Harris

Thee Inbound Marketing Hater Cat

Highest Rated Raleigh Internet Marketing SEO

This guy loves fishing as much as he detests some of the more annoying inbound marketing tactics, like too many fields on signups or unnecessary forms to download basic files. Ryan is one of TheeBest parts of our marketing team. His customer service skills are impressive and the work he does is almost as perfectionist-bound as mine! He’s also responsible for keeping our competitive spirit alive (Side note: We were wronged in a team video competition. To this day, it remains a sore point.). One of our super talented SEOs, I’m sure Ryan will reclaim his client’s spot at the #1 position on Google in no time.

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In short: We’re not cats, but we do make SEO magic.

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