Preparing for Your Green Screen Video Shoot

Using a green screen to create a video for your business is not something you do every day. The following are a couple tips on wardrobe, makeup, and rehearsing to help your video shoot go as smooth as possible!

Using a green screen to create a video for your business is not something you do every day. Special wardrobe choices are important for shooting a video with a green screen. There are also certain ways to address the camera when filming.

The following are a couple tips on wardrobe, makeup, and rehearsing to make your video shoot go as smooth as possible.

1. Do not wear green!

Since will we will be using a green screen for your video, any shade of green will produce transparently on video. Choose colors that wouldn’t be mistaken for green. Certain shades of yellows and blues sometimes have green qualities. White is also a challenging color to work with on some shoots because it reflects the green.

Depending on your video setup, you most likely do not need to worry about what shoes you are wearing. Most of the videos we do for clients are shot from the knees or waist up.

If you happen to have bright green eyes, or really really need to wear green, we also have a blue backdrop we can use to shoot your video. Just let us know in advance and we’d be happy to make it work!

2. Allow time for retakes.

Try to not to schedule an appointment immediately following your shoot. Even if you only have one video that you anticipate will be a minute or two in length as a final product, it can sometimes take several retakes before the best delivery is recorded. A typical video shoot appointment lasts 45-60 minutes.

If you’re rushing to get to another appointment, your on-camera energy and delivery won’t reflect the natural and confident tone that is most effective in finished videos. Which leads us to our next point…

3. Imagine the camera is an audience of friends.

When you visualize friendly faces, as a reflex your posture will change to a more natural angle. Viewers will find you more credible with a natural stance. A common problem people have with “acting” natural on camera is a lack of confidence.

While we will edit the footage to show off the best angles and vocal delivery possible, we can’t splice-in confidence. It needs to shine from within! Rest assured that we will take as many takes as you need to get comfortable and confident on camera.

4. Apply makeup a little heavier than normal.

If you wear makeup, or plan on wearing makeup for the video, try to apply a little more than you normally would for everyday wear. We will have bright lights shining on you during the filming which has a tendency to wash out some people’s skin. Applying a good amount of mascara, blush and/or lipstick can help your features pop.

5. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Though you don’t need to memorize your lines since we have a teleprompter for you, the more rehearsals you can do outside the studio, the less time you will need behind the camera. Try rehearsing in front of the mirror, your colleagues, friends, and family to get good feedback. This will also help you make script changes if you notice some phrases sound unnatural or you left out a key piece of information.

6. Send us your script!

Email a team member at TheeDigital a Word document of your script a day or two in advance to your shoot so that our video professionals can prepare your teleprompter. Our teleprompter is completely customizable. We can adjust the font size, spacing, scroll speed, and colors to suit your needs. We can also make any last minute adjustments to the script wording when you are here!

Learn how we can help you create a great video by contacting the internet marketing experts at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.