Free Sources of Web Design Inspiration

Tapping into the free Web design resources that are available to Web designers and content strategists can reinvigorate the process of communicating the message, as well as the message itself.

Web design is both a source of inspiration and a medium for providing inspiration to others. Whether you’re starting out as a Web designer or you’re a veteran in the industry, inspiration is a welcome presence that drives us. Below are a few sources of web design inspiration that drive me, and that can drive you.

1. Dribbble

All of the content of Dribbble is a reply to the question, “What are you working on?” Designers from around the world post tidbits of the design projects they’re working on and fellow designers can “Like” the shared image and comment on it.

The criticism offered in the comments is often constructive, which is a testament to the effective implementation and maintenance of the site that Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett started in 2009.

2. CSS Mania

The latest trends in web design can be found on CSS Mania, and the site is updated regularly on weekdays, adding to its allure. The quality of the that are chosen to be featured can be inconsistent, but more often than not, there’s at least one website on any given page that makes you go, “I hadn’t thought to design that like that,” followed by a silent nod.

3. Ui Parade

Hand-picked selections of Dribbble “shots,” well-organized into categories, find their way on Ui Parade. The design elements that make the cut and appear on Ui Parade are top notch.

4. Smashing Magazine

Original designs aren’t pulled out of thin air; they’re inspired by new ideas.

The Web is blossoming, and the mediums for experiencing the Web are continuing to grow and change, as are the technologies that fuel what we call a “website” today. Maintaining an awareness about what’s happening can pique your curiosity and exploration about what else is possible on the Web. And before you know it: A new design is born.

5. You, Yourself, and Irene

The most basic questions are often the most important ones: Why are you a designer? How much do you know about design, but more importantly, how are you applying that knowledge to your designs? What drives you in design — and in life? Tap into those questions and determine how you will offer inspiration to others. Revisit the answers to those questions, and mold them over time.

The sites listed above can spark ideas in your head, but introducing new and relevant ideas to the world involves more than just subscribing to design-related websites’ RSS feeds or following your favorite designers on Twitter. Inspiration is bigger than that the act of consuming information; it’s the interpretation and remixing of that information.

Address a challenge, create an experience, convey a message that uniquely reflects and expresses the overarching goals of the people who want the website built in the first place.

These goals may seem modest, but they’re significant; these are some of the reasons I pursue and enjoy Web design. These are also the same ideas I recall when starting with a blank canvas in Photoshop. As a wise lyricist once said, “The world is yours.”

Does your WordPress website need some design inspiration? Contact the web designers at TheeDigital in Raleigh, NC at 919-341-8901 or schedule a consultation.

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